[COTD] [FC04] Scream Dragon Master, Droll Kimberly

So, I herd u like dragons. Why not turn everything into Dragons.

G-FC04/017 GR 叫喚の神竜使い ドロール・キンバリー Scream Dragon Master, Droll Kimberly
“狂おしき竜の宴にて、幕引きとまいりましょうか!(Let’s bring down the curtain, with a banquet of crazed dragons!)”
Grade 4 / G Unit / Dark Zone – Pale Moon – Elf
Power 15000+
AUTO (VC) Generation Break 8: When this Unit attacks the Vanguard, choose up to 5 cards from your Soul, Call them to separate (RC), during that turn, they gain Power+5000, and in addition, gain 〈Abyss Dragon〉. During that battle, this Unit gains “CONT (VC): For each 〈Abyss Dragon〉 on your (RC), this Unit gains Power+10000.”.

And Now For A Word From The Vanguard R&D Department!!

For Today’s Card we’re introducing the 《Pale Moon》 Generation Break 8 G Unit “Scream Dragon Master, Droll Kimberly” from the “Fighters Collection 2017” (on sale May 12nd, 2017).

“Scream Dragon Master, Droll Kimberly” is a G Unit that can supercharge itself and call forth a ton of allies at once. When it attacks the Vanguard, you can choose 5 cards from your Soul, Call them to Rear-guards, and the Called Units gain Power+5000, and they gain 〈Abyss Dragon〉. And she herself, for each of your 〈Abyss Dragon〉 Rear-guards, gains Power+10000! Meaning she can gain a maximum Power of 50000! All your allies from the Soul and transform them into “Dragons” to power up! It’s a power appropriate for a “Dragon Master”.

Attack with your Rear-guards beforehand, then attack with “Droll Kimberly”, allowing you to greatly increase the number of times you can attack. With the likes of “Darkside Princess”, its ability can Power itself up when it attacks, then you can place it into the Soul, and then have “Droll Kimberly” call back from the Soul once more, making it an unusually good card to use in tandem.

From here on, we’ll be continuing to introduce various cards included in “Fighters Collection 2017”! Please enjoy!

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