Previews from Clan Collections: Megacolony & Shadow Paladin

Megacolony unleashes its latest criminal caper! And the Shadows consume!


Brillian Blister
Grade 1
If your opponent controls no Units at Stand, you can return it to the hand to draw. It has a super powerful Skill to halt your opponent’s Rear-guards from attacking.

Machining Armor Beetle
Grade 2
Paralyze your opponent’s Rear-guard! And, it also has a Skill to restrict and seal their Intercept and Boost!

Martial Arts Mutant, Master Beetle
Paralyze multiple opponent Rear-guards and Steal their Power! And depending on how many Units at Rest on both sides there are, it gains additional Drive!

Shadow Paladin

Self-Control Revenger, Rakia
Grade 1
When a “Revenger” Rides him, Call a “Revenger” from the Deck! While a Rear-guard, it has a powerful Skill that can increase the number of comrades!

Overcoming Revenger, Rukea
Grade 2
When Rode by a “Revenger”, add a “Revenger” from the Deck to your hand! While a Grade 1 “Revenger” is present, it gains a Power-Up!” Use it in tandem with “Rakia”!

Revenger, Raging Fall Dragon “Яeverse”
Grade 3
By Locking its former comrades to gain a Power-Up, it can unleash consecutive attacks! By Riding this Unit with the Skill of “Revenger, Raging Form Dragon” (V-VS02/008), you’ll be able to sink your foe into the shadows with a furious torrent of consecutive attacks!

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