[COTD] [V-SS01] Wishful Sunny Stage, Shandee

For our first V-SS01 Premium Collection 2019 reveal is Shandee as a Grade 4 Stride.

V-SS01/026 RRR 念願の晴れ舞台 シャンディ Wishful Sunny Stage, Shandee
Grade 4 / G Unit / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Power 15000+
Stride – Stride Step – COST [Discard cards with the sum of their grades being 3 or greater from your hand], Stride this card on your (VC) from face down.
AUTO (VC) Harmony
CONT (VC) If you have six or more units in Harmony, this unit gets Critical+1 for each face up card in your G Zone.
AUTO (VC) When it attacks, COST [Counter Blast 1 & turn a card in your G Zone face up], look at the top ten cards of your deck, call up to the same number of cards from among them as your units in Harmony to (RC), and shuffle your deck.

9 SPs from V-EB05 Primary Melody

  • Colorful Pastorale, Sonata
  • Colorful Pastorale, Canon
  • Colorful Pastorale, Serena
  • Colorful Pastorale, Fina
  • Colorful Pastorale, Caro
  • Top Star, Cier
  • Diva of Atlantea, Iryna
  • Unparalleled Ingenuity, Loura
  • Heart Monopoly, Anezka


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