[Fighter’s Rule] Japan Sepetember 12th, 2017

The October 1st, 2017 Fighter’s Rule List for Vanguard has arrived.

The only change is “Sanctuary Guard Dragon” can be used at 4 copies per Deck.

The vast majority of Royal Paladin Decks at the moment are Blaster Blade Exceed Decks, so it’s been deemed Sanctuary Guard Dragon, due to its low usage, is no longer a danger to the metagame, and thus it’s been moved up to 4 copies per Deck.

However, Bushiroad, based on pre “Dragon King’s Awakening” results, is concerned about continue high usage of certain Granblue cards as well the combos used in a certain Genesis Deck, so those clans are on the watch list.

But overall at the moment, Bushiroad believes the game environment is relatively fair and balanced, so no major adjustments need be made.

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