Rules Updates

Including what Clans will be under what strategies, as well as new symbols and rules changes.

Accel (Offensive):
Nova Grappler

Force (Balanced):
Royal Paladin
Spike Brothers
Dimension Police
Shadow Paladin

Protect (Defensive):
Oracle Think Tank
Dark Irregulars

The new symbols for Counter Blast, Soul Blast, Counter Charge and Soul Charge.

Cards for the new era will be defined by this V symbol. And will be the only cards legal for “Standard”.

Rules Change:
Place any number of cards from your hand on the bottom of your Deck, draw an equal number of cards, then shuffle your Deck.
G Assist:
The requirement for 2 or more cards in your G Zone and removing from the game those 2 cards has been erased. The Turn Fighter looks at the top 5 cards of their Deck, chooses up to 1 card that’s Grade is 1 higher tha your Vanguard, show it to your opponent, add it to your hand, and if you add it to your hand, choose to 2 cards from your hand and place them outside of the game.
There is now no requirement that cards placed on your Guardian Circle have to have their Grade match or be less than your Vanguard
Stride Requirement:
Normal Stride can be performed on the following terms:
• When both players have a Grade 3 or higher Vanguard
• When the Turn Fighter’s Vanguard is 3 or higher at the start of the turn.
If this symbol is immediately after an AUTO or ACT symbol, if the game state changes after resolving the effects, you will be unable to use this ability.
You can combine 5000 and 10000 Power Triggers into the Same Deck.
You can have any number of Front Triggers in your Deck, up to 16.
Front Triggers apply on Damage Checks.
Front Triggers work with Units that cannot be chosen since you don’t chose Units with Front Trigger
Ultima, Zeroth Dragon of Zenith Peak cannot alter the effect of Front Triggers. It applies to all Front Row Units, it does not choose.

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