Rules Regarding “Domination”

Name is still tenative, but everything here should hold.

10.35. Dominate

• 10.35.1. Depending on the text, if you say “I dominate” that Unit, the master with the effect of that text, will be able to temporarily control use that Unit as if they were the master of that Unit.

•• While the Master is treated as being different, the master that used that effect to “Dominate”, is referred to the “Dominating Player” of that Unit. Meanwhile the Master of that Unit before it was Dominated is referred to as the “Original Master”.

••• While being Dominated, the Original Master does not treat the Dominated Unit as as being a Rear-guard of which they are the Master of.

•• That card is treated as being Dominated (支配状態 Shihai Joutai, “Domination State”) is treated as being “Dominated” for as long as the effect that mention “Domination” is in effect, if the period of “Domination” isn’t clarified.

•• A Dominated Unit, if referring to its Master other than with regards to the present, continues to check the status of its Master until it reaches that point in the future. As a result, at that time, a player other than the Dominating Player may be referred to as “Master” during those times.

For Example:
A Rear-guard being Dominated applies an effect that says “It cannot Stand until your next Standby Phase”, if it is no longer Dominated after that turn, that Rear-guard does not Stand during its Original Master’s next Stand Phase.

•• If a Legion Leader or Legion Mate in Legion is Dominated, the other Unit is also Dominated.

• 10.35.2. When a Dominating Player refers to Units of which they are the Master of, this includes Units they are dominating. Similarly, when the Dominated Unit refers to the Player who is its Master (and any so such related information), it refers to the Dominating Player.

•• When referring to the number of Units of which a Dominating Player is the Master of, that Player also refers to the Units they’re dominating.

•• Effects that apply to Units of which the Dominating Player is the Master of, also apply to Dominated Units.

•• The Dominating Player is the one, as its Master, to play the abilities of the Unit in Domination State.

••• If you’d use the Auto Ability of a Dominated Unit, as long as the conditions for using it are satisfied, the Dominating Player can play that Auto Ability.

•• If a Dominated Unit is Locked or Deleted, it is no longer Dominated.

• 10.35.3. The position of the Dominated Unit is based on that of the Dominating Player.

•• If you Dominate an opponent’s Right Column Rear-guard, it becomes a Rear-guard in the Dominating Player’s Left Column, and is considered to be in the same Column as that player’s other Left Column Rear-guards. The same holds true in reverse with the opponent’s Left Column.

•• With a Circle where the Master changes, even though it is considered to be in the same Column, it is considered to be in neither player’s Front or Back Row.

• 10.35.4. When a Dominated Unit moves to another Location due to Rules or Effects, follow the following rules.

•• When it moves to a location that isn’t a Circle, it moves its Owner’s version of that location.

•• If that card would move to another Rear-guard Circle or Vanguard Circle, if that Circle’s Master differs from that Unit’s Owner, it cannot Move.

•• In case of conditions other than the above, that movement is resolved as you would with Normal Rules.

• 10.35.5. A Dominated Unit’s Circle does not Change when it Changes Masters

•• The circle which a Dominated Unit occupies, cannot have a different Rear-guard Call or Ride on it if that Circle’s Master is different from its Owner.

• 10.35.6. A Dominated Rear-guard can neither Boost NOR Intercept

• 10.35.7. If a Dominated Vanguard Attacks, during the Drive Check of the Drive Step, the Dominating Player’s cards from their Deck are placed in the Dominating Player’s Trigger Zone.


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