[Weekly News Bits Z] The One with V Series Akane

A girl, her dog, and a lot of convention goods.

Monthly Bushiroad (May 2018 Issue)

A reminder to check the Monthly Bushiroad at the Vanguard-Buddyfight Festival convention for Merchandise.

Mini-Van Trading Clear File

10 Different Files including 1 secret one

Pay 500 Yen to get one at random.

Cray Chronicle Notes Beginning

Covers units until the 2nd Invasion Great War

1800 Yen

Cray Chronicle Notes Clear Files (2 File Set, 800 Yen)

Cray Chronicle Notes Playmat (3000 Yen)

The Playmat

Reminder that the Kagero sample Deck from Monthly Bushiroad includes an alternative artwork of Nehalam. (However, it also seems like the cards aren’t marked to be legal for Standard)

Monthly Bushiroad Poster is size B2, and it features artwork of Blaster Blade and the Key Visual of the reboot anime.

Chapter 1 is also in Monthly Bushiroad, 48 pages in full color artwork.

Monthly Bushiroad TV with Vanguard will run on late night TV programs and YouTube.

The Spring Caravan will have illustrator autograph events with 田所哲平 and 萩谷薫

Reminder to get your ticket for the Vanguard/Buddyfight Event.
Strap Card Loader with a Clan Icon Neck Strap
Both Days: Blaster Blade & Chrono Dran Z
April 29th: Lizard Soldier, Undeux & Kagero Sample Deck
April 30th: Grime & Royal Paladin Sample Deck
The Bermuda Triangle Festival will be held on the 30th.
The Fight Corner Includes:
Friend Fight
Women’s Only Fight
Time Leap 2012 Fight
Rental Deck Fight Corner
Demo Fight
How to Play Vanguard Fight
April 29th:
Clan Leader Fight
Friend Trio Fight
April 30th:
Clan Leader Fight Finals
Trial Deck Commemorative Tournament
Illustrator Sign Event
April 30th (11:00~)
April 30th (15:00~)
Food available at the event
Trial Decks and Start Sets Will be available at the Convention
Previously Mentioned Supply Sets
T-Shirt (Medium & Large) 3500 Yen
Towel 2000 Yen)
BCF 2018 Ball Point Pen (Chrono & Aichi) 300 Yen
A4 Clear File (400 Yen)
End Card and 2018 Versions
Unit Image Scrunchie (Wingal and Dragonic Overlord) 1200 Yen
Smartphone Case ver. 3 : 3700 Yen
Mini Character Trading Tin Badge (500 Yen)
Face Logo Acrylic Keyholder (1000 Yen)
Sleeve Collection Mini Extra (73 Sleeves Each) (800 Yen)
Chronovisor Heritage
Dragabyss, Luard
Mini TryThree
Mini Q4
Fighter’s Rubber Playmat Extra (Face Logo) 2500 Yen
Premium Deck Holder Extra (Face Logo) 2018 Version: 3000 Yen
The Attendant Cards
The Vanguard & Buddyfight Ultra Big Card Fes 2019 has been confirmed
May 3rd and 4th in 2019 at the Tokyo Big Site
Looking back on Vanguard G
The G Next Episodes 1 to 25 DVD Box Set comes with “Rainy Days Blooming Smile♩” as its character song
Vanguard Remake Promotions throughout Japan in April.
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – High Beast
Power 8000
Shield 10000
AUTO (RC): When it’s placed on the field, if there’s another Unit in the same column, Soul Charge 1. If you Soul Charge a Trigger Unit, during that turn, this Unit gains Power+5000.
High Dog Breeder, Akane
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Human
Power 10000
Shield 5000
ACT (VC/RC): When it’s placed on the field, by paying the Cost (Counter Blast 1), search your Deck for up to 1 “Pongal”, then shuffle the Deck.
CONT (VC/RC) If this card is Boosted by a <High Beast> during battle, this Unit gains Power+3000.
 Update Information on Premium Standard and G Standard on April 17th
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