[Promo] NEXT OP & ED CD Promos

One of which has its effect text unknown.


The Promo for the CD Single of “Hello Mr. Wonder land” is

PR/0512 赤閃の騎士 フェルディア Knight of the Crimson Flash, Pheldia
悪いな、そこは既に俺の間合いなんだよ。(Too bad, now it’s my turn.)
Grade 1 Shadow Paladin Human

Details unknown at the moment regarding its effect, likely due to it being connected to Ritual, which Bushiroad wishes to keep a secret for the moment.

Meanwhile, the CD Single of “Wings of Image” is vaguely related to Am, the current chief user of Granblue in the anime

20161004144555990PR/0513 魔剣海賊 ディアーヌ Demonic Sword Pirate, Dianne
死してこそ輝きを増す、狂気の魔剣。(It grows brighter in death, the demonic sword of madness.)
Grade 0 Granblue Vampire
Auto: Forerunner
Auto Hollow
Auto [Drop Zone] GB1: [Counter Blast 1] During your turn, when you Stride into your G Unit, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, Call this Unit to an (RC), and during that turn, this Unit gains “Cont: During your turn, if this Unit is Hollowed, this Unit gains Power+5000.”

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