[Promo] Hiniel

We can’t read the Furigana for its name at the moment.


PR/0526 黒衣の調合 ヒニエル Black […], Hiniel
新薬研究は医学の発展に欠かせない要素だ。(The study of new drugs is a fundemental necessity to the development of medience.)
Grade 1 / United Sanctuary – Angel Feather – Angel
Power 6000
Shield 5000
Rescue 1 – Auto: [Counter Blast 1 & Soul Blast 1] When this Unit is placed on (GC) from the hand, if the number of cards in your Damage Zone is greater than the number in your opponent’s Damage Zone, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, choose 1 card in your Damage Zone, Heal it, choose 1 of your Vanguards, inflict 1 damage.

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