Previews from Clan Collections: Spike Brothers & Gold Paladin

The darkest sports and the lion of absolute salvation!

Machinegun Gloria
Grade 1
After Boosting an ally, that ally can be shuffled into the Deck to draw. If being used to Guard, she can become a Rear-guard, making her perfect offense-defense Unit.

Agile Fullback
Grade 2
The turn this card is placed, it has a Skill to let it attack from the center back-row, and has a Skill to Call a Unit with the same name from the Deck by placing itself in the Soul.

Demonic Overlord, Dudley Emperor “Яeverse”
Grade 3
Its chief skill allows multiple strike attacks by calling allies during the Battle Phase, and it can place allies back into the Deck to Lock another ally, allowing itself to gain a massive Boost! By making use of a formation that turns your comrades into pawns, aim for a powerful deadly strike from the void!

Sacred Twin Beast, White Lion
Grade 1
When its attack hits, you can gather Grade 3 “Ezel” to your hand!

Knight of Passion, Bagdemagus
Grade 2
It gets stronger if there’s many “Ezel” in the Soul! And if there’s a Grade 3 in the Soul, it can battle multiple Units!

Salvation Lion, Grand Ezel Scissors
Grade 3
It supports every existing “Ezel”! By gathering the power of Ezel together, this glittering lion can tear Lock to shreds, unlocking the path to a brand new future!


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