Previews from Clan Collections: Genesis & Tachikaze

Raptor Assault, and the Door to Doomsday opens…!


Apple Witch, Cider
Grade 1
After a battle in which she Boosts, she Soul Charges, and can return to the hand!
If she enters as a Guardian, her Shield drastically skyrockets depending on how much Soul you have!

Sunlight Goddess, Yatagarasu
Grade 3
When she attacks, you can activate a Skill by Soul Blasting a total number of Graes! And, she also has a Skill to boost her Shield as a Guardian!

Doomsday Queen, Himiko “Яeverse” (Genesis) (Vol.3)
Grade 3
By placing Triggers from the Soul as Locked Cards, you can activate their effects! When the turn ends, this card card Ride on top of “Oracle Queen, Himiko (V-EB04/001)”, and during the opponent’s turn…!?


Military Dragon, Raptor Sergent
Grade 1
When it Rides, it can add a Grade 2 or higher Raptor to the hand! It also has a Skill to attach Equip Gauge to allies!

Military Dragon, Raptor Captain
Grade 2
When Rode, Call multiple Grade 2 or lower “Raptors” from the hand! By consuming its allies, it return to the Battlefield once more armed with Equip Gauge!

Military Dragon, Raptor Colonel
Grade 3
By consuming even its allies, it goes ever stronger!
By gorging on multiple troops at once, it can activate a powerful Skill!
Crush your foes with “Twin Assault Descendragon Slayer”!


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