Previews from Clan Collections: Bermuda Triangle & Neo Nectar

The Bermuda Triangle cards are particularly obtuse.

Bermuda Triangle

Glittering Soul, Nikita
Grade 1
Pay as many soul as needed to Power-Up! She can do this even during the opponent’s turn.

Demure Genius, Celia
Grade 2
When you need to look something up, she might be of assistance!

Explosive Diva, Refrairade “Rock”
Even though she yearns for the shining stage that enchants idols, she was too shy to imagine ever standing out.
— But now, she’s different from how she used to be!
A spotlight shines on the center stage. The curtain rises on the stage for her to take the leading role!

Neo Nectar

Cherry Blossom Musketeer, Augusto
Grade 2
A jack-of-all-trades Unit that can serve as Guardian and Attacker! By returning “Musketeers” from the Drop to the Deck, you can draw!

Deep Green Lord, Master Wisteria
Grade 3
Call a Plant Token, and add a card with the same name as a Rear-guard to the hand! When this card attacks, its Skill can power-up a Unit with the same name!

Thorned White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia “Яeverse”
Grade 3
A Яeverse Unit that can serve as both Vanguard and Rear-guard! It can pull off consecutive attacks with “Cecilia” called from the Deck!
And, by Locking a front-row Rear-guard…!?


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