Previews from Clan Collections: Aqua Force & Gear Chronicle

The Reverse Navy, and the Steam Maidens discover Time Leap!

Aqua Force

Tear Knight, Valeria
Grade 2
She Power-Ups when she attacks on the 4th attack onwards! And if her attack hits, she can activate a Skill! It’ll force your opponent to Guard!

Cobalt Wave Dragon
Grade 3
It gains Power every time a Rear-guard attacks! After launching a powerful attack! It can aim for a continuous attack by swapping your front row and back row!

Blue Storm Karma Dragon, Maelstrom “Яeverse”
Grade 3
When your opponent Guards, it can Lock its men, to Power-Up! If there are Locked Cards when your Vanguard’s attack is Guarded Against…
“Resistance is futile! I’ll force you to sacrifice yourself or sacrifice your precious friends!”

Gear Chronicle

Steam Maiden, Iluru
Grade 1
By binding a Grade 2 or lower from your hand, you can Draw!
After attacking, her Skill lets her change places with a Grade 2 in the Bind Zone!

Steam Maiden, Aluru
Grade 2
By Binding a card from the Drop Zone, she can herself up for each of its Grades!
After attacking, her Skill lets her change places with a Grade 3 in the Bind Zone!

Steam Maiden, Eluru
Grade 3
When a battle with an attacking “Steam Maiden” ends, that Unit can exchange places with a Unit with Grade+1 in the Bind Zone!
By starting with the Grade 0 “Steam Maiden, Uluru (V-TD10/015”, she can follow up with attacks from “Iluru” and “Aluru”!

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