Custom-made Fight Table G

A short feature of a cool Fight Table at Bushiroad Championship Series in Eindhoven!

At BCS Eindhoven we had a cool table to play on! (Click on the pictures for bigger views of them!)

It wasn’t fully functional yet, as the screen it was used on lacked the software to support multi-touch, which is kinda needed when you have all those cards on the table:

However it did all the animations, it had all the different backgrounds, you could set power levels etc.

Erik Seedrak has coded this Fight Table in about a weeks time, and I feel like this is a promising project for the future. He said his inspiration was the Cardfight!! Vanguard G Anime, with which he started watching Vanguard in general! His Youtube Channel that is going online in June will be called “Vanguard Insiders”. They also have a Patreon page where you can fund the project if you want.

As soon as the table is ready, we’ll feature it again with a video by Erik Seedrak. Check out his channel for introduction videos on Vanguard next month! Maybe you’ll see the Fight Table in future Cardfight!! Vanguard events!

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