Premium Collection 2019 & The Heroic Evolution Sample Deck Recipes

Or: Gear Chronicle and his Super Friends

時空・超・超越! Interdimensional Super Stride!

A “Gear Chronicle” Deck that attacks countless times using Time Leap. You can jack up the power of “Interdimensional Dragon, History-build Dragon”.

4 Interdimensional Dragon, History-build Dragon
4 Chronodragon Gear Groovy
1 Progenitor Dragon of Gloomy Dark, Formido
1 Interdimensional Beast, Metallica Phoenix
1 Chronodragon Nextage
1 Interdimensional Dragon, Heteroround Dragon
1 Retroactive Time Maiden, Uluru
1 Highbrow Steam, Raphanna
1 Highbrow Steam, Arlim

4 Chronojet Dragon Z
2 Chronojet Dragon G

1 Pulsar Tamer, Lugal-Ure
4 Pulsar, Metal Party Dragon
4 History-maker Dragon
2 Delayed Blazer Dragon

4 Steam Maiden, Melem
2 Steam Sniper, Lishma
3 Causality Dragon
3 Pulsar, Revolver Dracokid

1 Chrono Dran Z (First Vanguard)
4 Tick Tock Worker
4 Steam Gunner, Kadash (V Series) (Critical Trigger)
4 Steam Battler, Ur-Watar (Stand Trigger)
4 Steam Guard, Kastilia (V Series) (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Steam Doctor, Mar-tash (V Series) (Heal Trigger)

Introducing The Key Cards!

“Interdimensional Dragon, History-build Dragon”

Units with Time Leap gain Power+3000! You can Time Leap equal to the number of face-up card in your G Zone! If this card and a card with the same name in the G Zone are present, you can strengthen an equal number of allies, so aim to consistently Stride!

“Progenitor Dragon of Gloomy Dark, Formido”

You can retire opponent Rear-guards equal to the number of your vacant Rear-guard circles! If you retire 3 or more, you Soul Charge 5 and draw 1 card! If this card is face-up in your G Zone, you don’t have to pay the Cost of Stride! It’s an excellent Unit that smooths out the course of the Fight!

ヒーロー参上! A Hero Arrives!

A “Nova Grappler” Deck in which Heroes fight side by side.
Use the power of heroes to turn a crisis into a chance to win!

4 Spinning Valiant
4 Girly Dolly
3 Miss Splendor

4 Kick Kick Typhoon
4 Stylish Hustler
2 Cup Bowler

4 Spin Kid
4 Smash Masher
4 Rocket Hammer Man

1 Sling Burster (First Vanguard)
4 Shining Lady (Critical Trigger)
4 Red Lightning (Critical Trigger)
4 Twin Blader (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Wall Boy (Heal Trigger)

Introducing The Key Cards!

“Spinning Valiant”

All other Units can’t attack unless they attack the Vanguard!
If you have 4 or more front row Units, this Unit gains Power+10000, and during that turn, your opponent can’t Guard unless they Call 3 or more cards to the Guardian Circle!
Fight by protecting your ally Rear-guards from battle. By paying 4 Counter Blasts, you can potentially decide the fight in an instant!

“Stylish Hustler”

If an ally Rear-guard would be retired by a card’s ability, you can return it to the hand!
When it attacks, it gains 3000 Power for every card in the Damage Zone!
Protect your allies from retiring with its ability, and power yourself up in a pinch!

エターナル・アポカリプス!Eternal Apocalypse!

A “Kagero” Deck whose trump card is “Dragonic Overlord The End”
A mighty Vanguard that can attack 3 times in a row, capable of deciding things then and there!

4 Dragonic Overlord The End
1 Dragonic Overlord
3 Dragonic Overlord

4 Wyvern Strike, Dekat
4 Dragon Full-armored Buster
4 Dragon Knight, Nehalem

4 Red Dive Griffin
4 Flame of Hope, Aermo
1 Lizard Soldier, Raopia
4 Sabel Dragonewt

1 Lizard Runner, Undeux (First Vanguard)
4 Embodiment of Spear, Tahr (Critical Trigger)
4 Demonic Dragon Mage, Rakshasa (Critical Trigger)
4 Wyvern Guard, Barri (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Dragon Monk, Genjo

Introducing The Key Cards!

“Dragonic Overlord The End”

When an attack ends, by discarding 3 cards, it can Stand again and gain Power+10000!
When its next attack ends, if your hand is 4 or less, by paying Cost, it can Stand once again!
A powerful Trump that can attack a total of 3 times each turn!

“Wyvern Strike, Dekat”

It has an ability that can be used to make it much harder to halt the attack of “Dragonic Overlord The End”.
By preventing your opponent from using only a Sentinel to halt their attack, you’ll be able to better guarantee damage against your opponent!

革命のメサイア! Messiah of the Revolution!

A “Link Joker” Deck that makes use of Locked cards.
By using Lock and Unlock, you’ll be able to create your ideal field.

4 Harmonics Messiah
4 Obstruction Claw, Ghastly Nail

4 Lady Battler of the Gravity Well
3 Blast Monk of the Thundering Foot
4 Remarkable Burst Monk

4 Sunset Edge, Duskblade
4 Destiny Dealer
2 Calderon Wing
4 Black Star of Augmentation, Veil Rouser

1 Neon Messiah (First Vanguard)
4 Asteroid Wolf (Critical Trigger)
4 Pulse Monk of the Quaking Foot (Critical Trigger)
4 Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Lady Healer of the Torn World (Heal Trigger)

Introducing The Key Cards!

“Harmonics Messiah”

When it attacks, it can place a card from your Deck on a Rear-guard Circle as a Locked card.
After its attack ends, by unlocking any number of Locked cards, you can draw an equal number of cards, and 2 of your front-row Rear-guards gain Power+15000.

“Lady Battler of the Gravity Well”

When it attacks, it can place the top card of your Deck on a Rear-guard Circle as a Locked card.
When a card is placed in the front-row Rear-guard, and then is unlocked by “Harmonics Messiah”, you’ll be able to immediately attack with that Unit.

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