[GBT14] Carton ratios

You’re wondering how the ratios for the carton looks like with all deez ZR?

It’s similar to GBT11, but not quite the same.

You get per 20 boxes (1 carton):
0-1 Gyze Pack (replaces the regular Gyze ZR pack)
3-4 ZR (0-1 Gyze + either 1 Ultima and 2 Dust OR 2 Ultima and 1 Dust)
8 GR (+2 (effective increase: 1 per different GR))
4 SP
9 Reissue (3 of each)
60 RRR
108 RR
446-448 R (-2-0 (effective decrease: 0.1-0 per different R)) (depending on if you pull Gyze pack)
1595-1600 C (+5-10 (effective increase: 0.1-0.2 per different C)) (depending on if you pull Gyze pack)

Neither GR nor ZR replace RRR. Of the 20 boxes in your carton, only 3-4 have no ZR/GR/SP/Gyze Pack.

The Gyze Pack seems to be 1 in 2-4 cartons. My bet is that it is 1 per master carton, which is 2 cartons.

I don’t think there will ever be a carton more worth to buy than GBT14, so grab it if you can. It’s gold.
(Let’s see if next season will make it even worse :’D)

Source: Freedomduo

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