[FC04] Official Deck Recipe

All that matters is being Beyond Order.

時空を超えし竜 The Dragon That Transcends Space-Time

A super-powerful G Unit has appeared with Generation Break 8!! By paying the cost of “Interdimensional Dragon, Beyond Order Dragon” (who has Generation Break 8), you can bind the top 8 cards of your Deck to use its wonderous ability that lets you gain another Main Phase and Battle Phase.
And when your Main Phase begins, it Stands itself but loses 1 Drive, but allowing you to still use Triggers when you smash into your opponent during the next Battle Phase.
Also, the Units you added to your hand with your Drive Check can be Called during your additional Main Phase, allowing you to prepare your field for your additional Battle pHase.

Next is the G Guardian “Far Away Time Maiden”, who is a sturdy G Guardian. By flipping 1 G Guardian in your G Zone face-up, she gains 5000 Shield for each face-up card in your G Zone. During the end of the Fight, by increasing the amount of face-up cards in your G Z-one, you can make her an extremely strong Shield. Aslo, with an ability to flip a card in the G Zone, she completely supports the idea of Generation Break 8.

And the Heal Trigger, “Time-carving Maiden, Uluru” can activate its skill when discarded from the hand when used to pay the Cost for Calling “Far Away Time Maiden, Uluru”, allows you to return 1 Normal Unit from your Drop Zone to the bottom of your Deck. There are many Units in this Deck can be Call cards from the Deck with the 《Gear Chronicle》 Clan ability 【Time Leap】, so return Units you can Call back to the Deck.

So let’s master the powerful Generation Break 8, and win the Fight!

G Units
1 Interdimensional Dragon, Beyond Order Dragon G-FC04/018 (GB8)
1 Interdimensional Beast, Metallica Phoenix G-TD06/001
2 Chronodragon Gear Groovy G-CB04/003
4 Chronodragon Nextage G-CB04/Re:01
1 Metapulsar, Huang-long G-TD09/001
2 Interdimensional Dragon, Ragnaclock Dragon G-BT01/009
2 Retroactive Time Maiden, Uluru G-FC03/042 (G Guardian)
2 Far Away Time Maiden, Uluru G-FC04/042 (G Guardian)
1 Interdimensional Dragon, Heteroround Dragon G-CB04/008 (G Guardian)

Grade 3
2 Chronojet Dragon G-TD01/002
4 Chronojet Dragon G G-TD09/002
1 Steam Maiden, Imi G-TD09/004

Grade 2
4 History-maker Dragon G-TD06/007
1 Steam Knight, Kalibum G-BT04/083
2 Chronospin Serpent G-TD09/005
2 Upstream Dragon G-BT04/018
2 Delayed Blazer Dragon G-CB04/006

Grade 1
4 Steam Breath Dragon G-CHB01/Re:04
4 Steam Maiden, Melem G-BT05/022
4 Steam Maiden, Arlim G-CHB01/Re:05 (Sentinel)
1 Tick-away Dragon G-CB04/023
1 Steam Scara, Gigi G-BT01/042

Grade 0
4 Heart Thump Worker G-CHB01/Re:06 (Critical)
3 Chronovolley Rabbit G-TD09/015 (Critical)
2 Chronodoze Sheep G-TD09/016 (Draw)
1 Steam Battler, Ur-Watar G-BT05/103 (Stand)
2 Vainglory-dream Gear Cat G-CHB01/063 (Stand)
4 Time-carving Maiden, Uluru G-FC04/066 (Heal)
1 Chrono Dran G-TD06/014 (First Vanguard)
1 Tick Tock Worker G-BT05/101

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