Monthly Bushiroad June 2019

Mostly more about the anime than cards. Really.

Dimension 4: Beyond Even Global!!
It’s the final game of the match. Student Council President Tatewaki Naitou gives Aichi quite a bit of advice. But who is the unexpected and mighty enemy that stands between Misaki and the continued existence of the club?

Dimension 5: Lost Images
Various fighters suffer from a mysterious slump. Kyou is dragged to Voyage by Kamui where they encounter Rekka. Meanwhile, as Tetsu follows after Kyou, Kai runs into Mitsusada “Koutei” Kenji.

The preview in the magazine confirms Eru uses “Master of Fifth Element” as his ace monster.

Next month’s promo is “Sworn Valkyrius, Dine”, an Aqua Force card.

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