[COTD] [V-BT04] Pale Moon units and another Mermaid

Pale Moon’s second wave of support begins with two units that build up the soul, along with another new mermaid from Primary Melody.

V-BT04/039 R ヴィジブル・ソングスター Visible Song Star
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Dark Zone – Pale Moon – Warbeast
Power 12000
Accel Gift
[AUTO](VC): When your unit attacks while boosted, COST [Counter Blast (1) & put two of your rear-guards into your soul], and call a card from your soul to (RC).

V-BT04/083 C ブラッシー・バニー Brassie Bunny
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Dark Zone – Pale Moon – High Beast
Power 8000
Shield 10000
[AUTO](VC/RC): When placed from hand, COST [discard a card from your hand], draw a card, and if your vanguard is grade 3 or greater, Soul Charge (2).

The art of “Mastery Cover, Minne” from Primary Melody is revealed.

Kyrus Darkblade

Ponders on how to make Link Joker great again

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