[COTD] [V-TD11] Sage of Contemplation, Tedan

The return of Team TRY3 cards begins now.

V-TD11/005 観照の賢者 テダン Sage of Contemplation, Tedan
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Giant
Power 9000
Shield 5000
“Bet it. Now, in this moment”
ACT (RC) 1/Turn COST [Counter Blast 1 & Soul Blast 1], and this unit gets Power+15000 until end of turn.

The 6 SPs of V-EB13 The Astral Force:

  • Aid-roid, Zayin
  • Aid-roid, Lamedo
  • Phinomenus of the Constellations
  • Dikei of the Just Path
  • Chronofang Tiger
  • Chronobite Tiger


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