[COTD] [V-BT02] Dark Mage, Badhabh Caar

Today’s COTD is an improved version of Badhabh Caar.

V-BT02/025 R 暗黒魔道士 バイヴ・カー Dark Mage, Badhabh Caar
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Shadow Paladin – Elf
Imaginary Gift: Force
Power 13000
ACT (VC/RC) 1/Turn COST [Soul Blast 1], look at the top card of your deck, and call it to (RC) or put it into your drop zone. If you called it, that unit gets Power+5000 until end of that turn, and at the end of the turn, retire that unit.


I'm Boxshot.

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