[G-BT08] Full Art Works

Linking to the official twitters of the artists involved.

Knight of the Remaining Sun, Henrinus

Red Star Dual Horn

Skeleton Shock Troops

Knight of Persistence, Fulgenius

Silent Sage, Sharon

Goddess of Expansion, Alkoshia

Flying-rise Knight, Danius

Stake Fetter, Thviti

One Steeped in Sin, Scharhrot

Boulder Fetter, Gjoll

Vividness Sacred Staff, Andragius
Hydrangea Knight

Bale the Ghostie

Salad Famaliar

Novice Pirate, Geena

Mythic Hellsky Beast, Fenrir

Arboros’ Royal Guard, Airi
Arboros’ Frontal Guard, Aira

Greedy Succubus

Doting Harlequin, Maja

Unicycle Tumbler

Great Skipper, Supreme Solger

Stilling Jewel Knight, Estelle

Holy Mage, Lavinia

Dome War Shrine Maiden, Hanasatsuki

Carnivorous Megatrick, Prana
Masked Magician, Harri
Dragon Masquerade, Harri

Knight of Force, Onus

Ice Crest Goddess, Svava
Rampaging Shade

Seven Seas Plunderer, Nightspinel
Lady Battler of the Black Dwarf

Battle Maiden, Kotonoha

Glenzend Vampir
Dum of Nightmareland
Dee of Nightmareland

Goya in Champloo
Cody the Ghostie

Nightmare Doll, Dory
Battle Maiden, Medusa
Black-scales Flash Gun, Papiluray

Battle Maiden, Touka

Golden Dragon, Glorious Reigning Dragon

Genesis Beast, Destiny Guardian

Knight of the Scorching Sun, Alviraks

Magical Box Trimmer

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