[COTD] Succubus of Avarice

Today’s “Card of the Day” features a PGG you won’t regret soulcharging.

From G Booster Pack Vol. 8: Absolute Judgment (Release Date: 7th of October) we got:

G-BT08/017EN RRmore-like-vulgar-succubus
Succubus of Avarice
Grade 1 Normal Unit Dark Irregulars Succubus Dark Zone
Power: 6000
Critical: 1
Shield: 0
[AUTO]:[Choose a card from your hand, and discard it] When this unit is placed on (GC) from hand, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your vanguards that is being attacked, and that unit cannot be hit until end of that battle.
[ACT](Soul)[Generation Break 1] Darkness (This ability is active if cards have been put into your soul during this turn):[Choose one of your grade 1 or less rear-guards, and retire it] Return this card to your hand.

“To strike while I am eating, humans are indeed vulgar.”

[Editor’s note: Seriously, play this card. You won’t even use that much Counter-Blasts in pretty much any variation of Dark Irregulars.]
[Editor’s note 2: Today is “Respect for the Aged Day” so no Japanese COTD today.]

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