[COTD] Spade Jack of Nightmareland

Like Enigmatic Assassin but not as enigmatic or assassin.

Spade Jack of Nightmarelandspadejack
“It’s the Queen’s orders. Drop your weapons and surrender!”
AUTO: When your unit rides over this unit, draw a card, choose 1 card from your hand, and put it into your soul.
AUTO [Soul]: During your turn, when your G-Unit Strides, you may call this card to R. If you do, SC1.

A Word From Vanguard R&D!!

Today’s card is a Dark Irregulars unit from Absolute Judgment, going on sale August 26 (Friday)! Introducing a tricky First Vanguard option, it’s Spade Jack of Nightmareland!

Spade Jack of Nightmareland, much like Enigmatic Assassin, is a Grade 0 unit without the Forerunner ability. In exchange, it allows you to adjust your hand in the early game by drawing a card and putting a card from your hand into the soul when you ride over it. If it’s in the soul when you stride, you can call it to a rearguard circle and Soulcharge! This ability to add to your fighting numbers without dropping the overall number of cards in your soul gives it good synergy with units who take the number of cards in the soul into account. It even guarantees the activation of Darkness on stride, all in one single package.

If this unit is called when you stride Sinful One, Scharhrot, and then suck him back into the soul with Scharhrot’s ability, you can call him from the soul once more on your next turn. It’s also helpful in the midgame for almost assuredly allowing you access to a Greedy Succubus in your soul, since this card supplies both a trigger for Darkness and a Grade 0 unit to the field.

Units who can thrive from the early game with Forerunner, and units who can pop out of the soul in the late game…choose the First Vanguard that fits your Fight style, and build your very own deck!

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