News from the Big Vanguard Festival 2022 (April 29th, 2022)

Mostly about will+Dress!

Cardfight!! Vanguard will+Dress starts July 2022 on TV Tokyo and affiliates!

The Opening Theme is “BLACK & WHITE

Artists: Argonavis feat.旭 那由多 from GYROAXIA
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: TAKE (FLOW)

The Ending Theme is “Do the Dive

Artists: “Call of Artemis”, a DJ Group from D4DJ franchise

Amano Airi(Voice Actor: 水樹奈々)
Himegami Shano (Voice Actor: Raychell)
Kase Mana (Voice Actor: 小宮有紗)
Takao Toka (Voice Actor: 梅村妃奈子)

Lyrics/Composition: 小室哲哉
Musical Suite: 鈴木大輔

Yu-yu and co. join a special tournament.

That tournament is “Deluxe”, according to the event producer Mukae Jinki, has chosen 16 people for a purpose!

That purpose is this tournament is a means to decide “Who is the strongest”!

A battle begins to decide who is the strongest fighter in Japan!

The Show Slogan is: “For all Card Game Fans… The future is now.”

Mukae Jinki (Voice Actor: Yamashita Daiki)

“Deluxe”, according to the event’s producer, Mukae Jinki, is a tournament to decide “Who is the strongest”.

Deluxe is divided into preliminaries and finals, with the preliminaries dividing the 16 contestants into 4 groups of 4, and the top 2 contestants of each block advanced to the finals.

The finals will have the 8 contestants who survive the preliminaries clash to decide the victor.

A Block:

Kondou Yu-yu
Ishigame Zakusa
Koshiba Raika
Kiyokura Taizou

B Block:

Minae Mirei
Haneyama Urara
Uryuu Musashi
Nukata Yurina

C Block:

Ebata Tohya
Kanoashi Himari
Kirishima Mondo
Kumatori Riku

D Block:

Ookura Megumi
Seto Tomari
Soukawa Haruka
Hazama Michiru

Koshiba Raika
Voice Actor: 小笠原仁

“The young ace among Front Fighters”

Hazama Michiru
Voice Actor: 佐久間大介 (Snow Man)

“The Living Legend”

Haneyama Urara
Voice Actor: 各務華梨

“Witness the birth of a new legend”

Kiyokura Taizou
Voice Actor: 真野拓実

“The fighting young executive”

Kirishima Mondo
Voice Actor: 中村悠一

Kanoashi Himari
Voice Actor: 反田葉月

Kumatori Riku
Voice Actor: 鈴村健一

Nukata Yurina
Voice Actor: 戸松遥

Kiyokura Taizou
Voice Actor: 真野拓実

Uryuu Musashi
Voice Actor: 安元洋貴

The three new Trial Decks for July 22nd, 2022

羽根山ウララ -絆の花咲く楽団長- Hanayama Urara -The Blooming Conductor of Bonds- (Stoicheia)
廻間ミチル -四炎の魔宝竜- Hazama Michiru -The Mystical Horde Dragon of Four Flames- (Dark States)
狐芝ライカ -破天執行- Koshiba -Ruined Heaven Execution- (Keter Sanctuary)

鳳竜焔舞 Houryuu Enbu (Roughly: Fire Dance of the Phoenix Dragon)
On Sale: August 5th, 2022

Contains Cards For:

Dragon Empire
Dark States
Brandt Gate
Keter Sanctuary

Its contains many Units that appear in the animated series!

Quily-sensei is doing a new work changing from their 4koma comics, “Cardfight!! Vanguard YouthQuake

The first volume of the E-Book containing the first four chapters will go on sale June 8th, 2022, the same day the first chapter is serialized in Monthly Bushiroad.


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