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Straight from Bushiroad


The new series is a remake of the original Cardfight!! Vanguard, based on the comic books.

Original Story: Bushiroad/Akira Ito
Director: Itsuro Kawasaki
Script Supervisor: Masanao Akahoshi
Character Design: Satoru Isono
Voice Actors
Aichi Sendou: Tsubasa Yonaga
Toshiki Kai: Takuya Sato
Ren Suzugamori: Atsushi Abe
Misaki Tokura: Izumi Kitta
Kamui Katsuragi: Shizuka Ishikawa

The OP will be “Legendary” by Roselia

The ED will be “Gift from the Fight!!” sung by Kai and Aichi’s Voice Actors


The anime will begin its relaunch May 5th, 2018 on YouTube and Crunchyroll. The series will be a remake based more on key with the comic books. And will be airing later at night, from 9 PM to 1 AM depending on the station, in Japan, which implies potential for heavier content and themes, but also just might be the series getting punted to what is known as a Graveyard Time Slot.


The Game is being essentially rebooted, and will focus on 24 Clans (there are 26 currently). Each Clan will now be defined in connection with 1 of 3 Attributes:

Accel: Essentially offensive style focused on powerful or repeat attacks.

Force: Balanced Deck Type with middle of the way potential for Offense and Defense

Protect: Defensive Strategies focusing on being impregnable.

Imaginary Gift:
If you ride a Unit with the Gift Icon, they’ll grand you a blessing based on a Gift Marker.

Get an additional front row rear-guard circle that cannot be boosted apart from your current circles. That circle gains +10000 power on your turn.

Choose a vanguard or rear-guard circle to place this marker. The unit in the circle gets +10000 power on your turn. It will get +20000 power if there are 2 markers.

Add this card into your hand and it functions like a “Perfect Guard” ability (the unit cannot be hit if you discard a card when playing this card). This card has to be revealed.

Triggers now grand 10000 Power and there will be no Stand Trigger. Critical, Draw and Heal Triggers remain as before. There will be a Front Trigger that grants 10000 Power to all Units in the front row.

The Card Game will relaunch in the West on June 2018 with:

The Western release of the game will have the new Trial Decks themed after Aichi and Kai on June 8th, 2018.

Royal Paladin and Kagero

50 Cards plus 3 Gift Markers Each

14 Different Cards in each Starter Deck

Pre-constructed 50 card deck
Paper Play Mat
First Guide
3 Gift Markers

Each Trial Deck includes 4 copies of its ace. 4 Copies of Blaster Blade and 4 Copies of Dragonic Overlord

Both Trial Decks will have 1 card whose art is by Akira Itou, the other 3 will be by a different artist.

Alfred Early
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Human
Imaginary Gift: Force
Power 13000
AUTO (VC): When placed, COST [Counter Blast 1], Call up to one “Blast Blade” from your hand or soult o (RC), and it gets Power+10000, until end of turn, if you called, draw a card.

Unite! Team Q4

Royal Paladin
Oracle Think Tank
Nova Grappler

84 Different Cards

4 Vanguard Rares
8 Triple Rares
12 Double Rares
17 Rares
43 Commons

4 Special Vanguard Rares
4 SP
4 Secret Rares
1 Image Rare

Some Cards will have older artwork from the pre-Reboot Era but with their new abilities.

7 Cards Per Pack, 16 Packs per Display, 2 Rare Cards Per Pack

June 22nd 2018 Release Date


  • Aichi Sendou Trial Deck (Royal Paladin)
  • Toshiki Kai Trial Deck (Kagero)
  • Unite! Q4 (Royal Paladin, Kagero, Oracle Think Tank, Nova Grappler)


Extra Booster: Spike Brothers, Tachikaze, Megacolony


  • Aqua Force Trial Deck
  • Extra Booster: Aqua Force, Granblue, Dimension Police


  • Shadow Paladin Trial Deck
  • Booster: Shadow Paladin, Dark Irregulars, Palemoon, Murakumo

New Formats:


Bermuda Triangle is getting their own Anime that will air starting January 2019.

Cardfight!! Vanguard ZERO A new Mobile Game

Game will be out Winter 2018 for Japan. English Release Confirmed.

You can Cardfight people any time as well as relive the anime through Story Mode.

The YouTube Presentation

The Official Website

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