[V-SS01] Evangel Seraph, Raphael Mithra

The new G Unit for Premium Standard Angel Feather Appears

福音熾天使[エヴァンジェル・セラフ] ラファエル・ミトラ Evangel Seraph, Raphael Mithra
Grade 4 / G Unit / United Sanctuary – Angel Feather – Angel
Power 15000+
ACT (VC) 1/Turn: [Counter Blast 3 & Turn 1 card in the G Zone face-up] Discard 2 cards from your hand, Heal 2 cards from your Damage Zone.

Arc Saver Dragon (Origin Rare)

Dragon Full Armored Buster (Origin Rare)

Brutal Jack (Origin Rare)

Wandering Starhulk Ruler, Brandt (Origin Rare)

Flowers in Vacuum, Cosmo Wreath (Special Reprint)


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