[COTD] [V-BT10] Triple Megacolony Cards

More mill power for Megacolony.

V-BT10/043 R 滅槍怪人 ドヴェスピード Destruction Spear Mutant, Dovespeed
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Zoo – Megacolony – Insect
Imaginary Gift: Protect
Power 12000
AUTO (VC/RC) When placed, COST [Counter Blast 1], put two cards from the top of your opponent’s deck into the drop zone, and if a grade 1 or greater was put, until end of turn, when your opponent would call cards from his or her hand to (GC) during the battle this unit attacked, he or she must call two or more at the same time.

V-BT10/087 C 年少怪人 ワーレクタス Young Mutant, Worectus
Grade 0 / Normal Unit / Zoo – Megacolony – Insect
Power 6000
Shield 10000
AUTO When rode upon, draw a card. Then, if your opponent’s vanguard is grade 1 or greater, put a Quick Shield Ticket into your hand.

V-BT10/090 C アフラター・ドラフター Aflutter Drafter
Grade 0 / Trigger Unit – Draw Trigger / Zoo – Megacolony – Insect
Power 5000
Shield 5000

The 7 SPs from the Granblue SP Pack.

  • Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose
  • Tommy the Ghostie Brothers
  • Pirate Swordsman, Colombard
  • Thin-mist Banshee
  • Undying Departed, Grenache
  • Gust Djinn
  • Quick Shield Ticket featuring the Granblue Clan Emblem


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