More Details on Vanguard EX

Enjoy having game altering superpowers.

Otonashi Shigi and Nayuta are two of the game’s major Original Characters, who belong to the card shop “Travelers”.

You can only have up to 4 Accel Circles and up to 10 Force or Protect Gift Markers.

Your First Vanguard is decided in the Deck Construction screen

Triggers are resolved by effect, then power.

In Story Mode, you can gain EX Gifts, player abilities that can alter the flow of battle.

When you’re in a pinch, you’re more likely to know when your opponent’s about to draw a Trigger.

When you’re at 5 or more damage, you’re more likely to pull a Heal Trigger.

Summon Draw
When you have 3 or less cards, you’re more likely to pull a Draw Trigger.

Critical Finish
When your opponent is at 4 or more damage, you’re more likely to pull a Critical Trigger.

Wait a Minute!
When you would take 6 Damage, you accept the loss of half your Vanguard Points to recover 1 instance of Damage.

Eidetic Memory
Cards your opponent has revealed will remain visible to you.







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