More Card Reveals

Both for Trinity Dragon and for Divine Dragon Caper


The Cover Cards for the Trinity Dragon Character Booster:

荒神の霊剣スサノオ Aragami no Reiken Susanoo Spirit Sword of the Fierce Deity, Susanoo
イニグマン・ギガストーム Iniguman Gigasutoomu Enigman Gigastorm
慈愛の教鞭ビッグベリー Jiai no Kyouben Bigguberii Beloved Teacher’s Pointer, Bigbelly



G-BT09/104EN C Light Elemental, Honoly
“Pale, faint moonlight, you vanish when I close my eyes.”
Grade 1 / Cray Elemental – Elemental
Power 6000
Shield 5000
Cont (RC): All rear-guards cannot attack the vanguard in the 5th or more battle of that turn unless Counter Blast 1 is paid.
Auto: When this unit is placed on (RC), choose a face up card in your damage zone, and turn it face down.
Cont: This card is from all clans and nations.

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