[V-SS06] Majesty Lord Blaster Special Deck Set Info

News for the contents of the Majesty Lord Blaster deck.

Release date: May 22, 2020 (JPN)

Featured clans:
Royal Paladin and 1 Shadow Paladin card.

A 50 card deck with 15 different cards. (5 new cards and 10 reprints)
– The deck has 1 SVR and 3 VR Majesty Lord Blasters.
– There are also 5 other RRR cards in the deck that come at one each.
– Reprints include Blaster Blade and Flash Shield, Iseult with eight other reprints.
– A new Blaster Dark is included with the ability to be used in Royal Paladin.
A pack of 70 count sleeves.
One premium deck case.
Three double sided Force markers for Force 1 and 2.
One “Quick Shield” order to be used with your starting vanguard.



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