Lyrical Booster 01: “Lyrical Melody”

Everyone who ISN’t a mermaid.

Lyrical Booster 01: “Lyrical Melody”

Release Date: August 20th, 2021

7 Cards per Pack (300 Yen)
2 Shiny Cards per Pack!
16 Packs per Box (4800 Yen)

Nation: Lyrical Monasterio

120 New Cards
(RRR: 10/RR: 12/ORR: 5/R: 30/C: 64)

112 Parallels
(LSR: 5/LSP: 7/SP: 50/H: 50)

LSR = Lyrical Secret Rare
LSP = Lyrical SPecial
ORR = Over Double Rare
H = Holo

A Pack Exclusively For “Lyrical Monasterio”!

“Lyrical Monasterio” is a university town where Idols and Idol Candidates from all over the world live together!
Living a school life at “Lyrical Monasterio”
Female Units of all sorts of Races are included, such as Mermaids, Angels, Ghosts and even Warbeasts

The pack includes cards that boost the Lyrical Trial Deck, as well as 5 different Ride Lines
Also, 3 different groups of Critical/Draw/Front/Heal Trigger are included
It’s also easy to build your Deck as there’s 5 Different Sentinels with the same ability printed as Rs!
1 SP appears per Box!
And occasionally LSR or Lyrical Special Packs appear, rarely!

A Lyrical Special Pack is a pack with 7 Lyrical Specials!

The Grade 3s of each major Ride Line

There are 5 different ORRs included!
They all have the same ability, so use the one you want that fits your aesthetics.
Like “Genesis of the Five Greats”, there’s 1 ORR per box.


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