[Weekly News Bits] The One With Brutal Jack

A lot of technical news, followed up by Kamui Classics and a Grade 4 Mermaid

VMC2019 AUtumn Information

Event Date: September 8th, 2019
Location: Tokyo Suburbs


  • VMC Prize Card “Dragonnic Overlord “The Victory” (Cannot be used in an official fight, ever)
  • WGP 2019 World Tournament Invitation
  • VMC Trophy
  • Title of “Master of Vanguard”

Anime Japan 2019 Event Goods

  • Bermuda Triangle ~Colofrul Pastrale~ Can Badge Set Volume 2 (1500 Yen)
  • Bermuda Triangle ~Colorful Pastrale~ Big Acrylic Keyholder (1500 Yen)

Fina, Serena and Caro’s voice actors will be special guests at Anime Japan 2019.

Day of Tickets are 1000 Yen

Monthly Bushiroad Special 2 Days  Ticket are available starting the 8th of March

Premium Supporter Tickets are 10,000 Yen and available starting the 8th of March

The Special 2 Days Ticket costs around 3780 Yen

And gets you a limited edition Bermuda Triangle ~Colorful Pastrale~ Monthly Bushiroad Special Playmat

A Special Ticket Holder

A Visual Ticket

And you can also purchase at the event a 2 Volume “Planet Cray Stories” Lastest Edition for 3000 Yen

Premium Supporter Ticket is limited to 100 people a day, and grants access to among other things, access to a Special Lounge

Pin-Up style Beach Vacation sleeves of the Colorful Pastrale girls are available for 800 Yen a person.

On May 3rd 2019, Aichi, Kai, Ren, Naoki, Misaki and Kamui’s VAs will be available at the Vanguard Special Stage for a special screening of the first episode of the “Continuing Adventures of High School” arc (i.e. the post Destiny Conductor/Deletor arc)

May 4th, 2019:

Daigo x Vanguard ZERO Special Stage

DAIGO will be hosting a special stage about the last info of the smartphone game, “Vanguard ZERO”.

Also, the VAs for Colorful Pastrale will be on stage for another event

Card Illustrators will be available to sign cards

May 3rd:

May 4th:

Ani-Art T-Shirt (Mens & Ladies) – 3800 Yen

Aichi & Kai as Options

Ani-Art Mug Cup – 1500 Yen

Aichi & Kai as Options

Order Period is until March 11th 2019

Delivery Period is Mid May 2019

Ultra Rare are available as White Day “PriRoll” food.

You can also get Can Badges.

Episode 43 Screenshots

Image 44: Twisted Fate

Aichi has awakened, as the strongest PSYQualia Zombe. Recieving word from Misaki, Kai and Ren and co. head to the Tatsunagi estate, but before them, in the way, is Ibuki.

Aichi is now the strongest PSYQualia Zombie

Kai and Ibuki meet once more, what’ll be the results of their fight.

And before Ren and Tetsu is…!?

The Idol makes her move!

People have come to town to make a movie for Episode 9 of Colorful Pastrale

Edel and the Movie Production Crew

Unparalleled Ingenuity, Loura
Grade 4 / Normal Unit – Force / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Power 14000
[AUTO](VC):When placed, reveal ten cards from the top of your deck, and if all of the normal units revealed have different card names, call any number of the revealed cards to (RC), and they get [Power] +10000 until end of turn. Shuffle your deck.

Brutal Jack
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Star Gate – Nova Grappler – Battleroid
Power 9000
Shield 5000
CONT[VC/RC]:During your turn, this unit gets [Power] +10000.
CONT[RC]:This unit cannot [Stand] during stand phase.
ACT[RC][1/Turn]:[COST][Rest two rear-guards], and [Stand] this unit.

Clay-doll Mechanic
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Star Gate – Nova Grappler – Alien
Power 8000
Shield 10000
AUTO[RC]:When placed, if you have a total of four or less cards in your hand and rear-guards, draw a card.
AUTO[RC]:When you [Counter-blast], [COST][retire this unit], and [Counter-Charge] 1.

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