[Weekly News Bites Z] The One With Valeos

There’s something a bit disappointing with the founding Marshal being an Aquaroid for some reason.


Vanguard G Z Website has updated, Kazumi gets a new look and it’s confirmed him and Kazuma are brothers from different mothers.

The official webpage clarifies things about the G Z arc.

Vangarou is sent to Relics.

Gastielle explains he’s taking over the anime news corner.

Valeos is one of the Apostles, and was tasked with completely destroying the sword Fides that could oppose Gyze’s revival.

(Reference art of Valeos’ human host)

Valeos is one of the leaders who sided with Gyze in ages past, but ended up being Sealed along with his entire navy, under conditions similar to Lock. He refuses to consider Aqua Force in its current form as anything resembling the Aqua Force he founded.

Valeos was the founder of Aqua Force and its original Marshal (i.e. the Grand Admiral), however fighting Gyze led him to take a different view of justice “If everything in the World is reduced to the nothingness of Void, all that shall be left is True Justice.” To him “Bringing the world to ruin” became the same thing as “Saving the world from ruin”.

Screen Caps from Turn 3


The single for the new opening song comes with 2 random promos of the band members of Kiryu.


Food for the Food Corner at the Osaka Vanguard Festival

Goods you get at the Food Corner


“And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?”


Blue Wave Captain, Beragios
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Magallanica – Aqua Force – Aquaroid
Power 7000
Shield 5000
AUTO: When this Unit is placed on (RC) from the hand, look at the top 7 cards of your Deck, search for up to 1 “Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos”, add it to your hand, shuffle your Deck. If you add 1, choose cards from your hand whose Grades are equal to 3 or more, dsicard them.
AUTO (RC): When your “Blue Wave” Vanguard Stands, this Unit Stands.

Blue Wave Water General, Medra
Grade 2 / Normal Unit / Magallanica – Aqua Force – Aquaroid
CONT (RC): Resist
CONT (RC) Generation Break 1: If you have a “Blue Wave” Vanguard, this card gains “CONT (RC): This card can attack from the back row.” and “AUTO (RC): When this Unit attacks a Vanguard from the back row, during that battle, this Unit gains Power+3000.”.

Blue Wave Marshal, Valeos
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Magallanica – Aqua Force – Aquaroid
Power 11000
AUTO (VC): [Counter Blast 1] When your Ride Phase begins, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, choose 1 “Blue Wave” card from your hand, Call it to (RC), and during that turn, it gains Power+2000. If you Called 1 card, draw 1 card.
AUTO (VC): [Soul Blast 1 – “Blue Wave” card] When your G Unit with “Blue Wave” in its original card name Strides, you can pay the cost. If you pay it, choose 1 of your opponent’s Vanguards, during that turn, its Power is fixed at 11000, and its Power is not affected by anything other than this effect and the Shield of Guardians.


The Next Booster Pack is “The Galaxy Star Gate”, an Extra Booster based on the clans from Star Gate.

Included Clans:
<<Link Joker>>
<<Nova Grappler>>
<<Dimension Police>>

76 Cards
(72 New Cards, 4 Reprinted Cards)
1 ZR
3 GR
12 RR
21 R
33 C
+ 12 SP Cards
+ 3 Special Reprints

The Star Gate Zeroth Dragon Descends

“Seisou no Zeroth Dragon, Stark” (Zeroth Dragon of Star Burial, Stark)

It has the power to send everything to their doom!!

Nation: Star Gate
<<Link Joker>>
<<Nova Grappler>>
<<Dimension Police>>

You can build Decks with using this pack!!

The Galaxy Star Gate is designed to let you build the basis of the following 2 Decks

<<Dimeension Police>> Burst Decks featuring a new Gallop

<<Nova Grappler>> Rush Decks featuring a new Victor, based on Kamui’s new strength.

Cards that strengthen existing Decks appear

New Messiah and Chaos Breaker cards that strengthen Decks from “Genesis Dragon of Rebirth” and “Rondeau of Chaos & Salvation” appear.

As well, new Dimensional Robo and Blau cards appear.

4 Normal Reprints

  • “Extreme Battler, Sever-temper”
  • “Extreme Battler, Arashid”
  • “Cosmic Hero, Grandrope”
  • “Biting Deletor, Geeva”

3 Special Reprints

  • “Extreme Battler, Break-pass”
  • “Cosmic Hero, Grandbeat”
  • “Companion Star Star-vader, Photon”
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