[Japan] New Rules Updates

A bunch of nitty-gritty clarifications before “Rondeau of Chaos & Salvation” hits.

This new update brings up:

  • 除外ゾーン Jyogai Zone (Exclusion Zone). Cards that are excluded are placed here. The cards excluded are public information. Both players are allowed to know and confirm the size and contents of this zone.
  • If you play a  card from the G Zone, you choose a Vanguard Circle to Stride from or if’s a G Guardian, you choose which Guardian Circle to place it on.
  • If there is a Cost to play a card other than Striding cards from the G Zone OR activating an Act ability, you decide all of those costs.
  • If you would play a card from the G Zone via Stride, you decide all the costs of that Stride, and if you can pay all of them, you take the card from your G Zone and place it on the Vanguard Circle, and at the same time, you pay all Stride Costs simultaneously. If it is impossible to pay some or all of the costs or you can’t pay the cost at all, that card’s play is rescinded.
  • If a card is Locked, it is placed face-down, and later becomes Standing.
  • Locked Cards are considered to be in neither Stand nor Rest states.
  • If a Locked Card is turned face-up for some reason, it is no longer considered Locked and is considered to have been Unlocked.
  • When a Card Unlocks, it is placed in Stand. It is not considered to become Stand from Rest, and it is not subject to abilities or effects that affect a card when it is switched to Stand.
  • If a Deleted Unit is changed to a different State, it becomes face-up. If a Deleted Unit is switched to being face-up for whatever reason, it is no longer Deleted.
  • If a card says a card is “removed from play”, the card that is “removed from play” is placed in that card’s owner’s “Exclusion Zone”.


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