January 2020 Strategy Presentation

It’s time to return to G!

The Shin’emon Arc will last up until April 2020.

Artworks of Kouji, Suiko, Emi and Shuka from “What if” scenarios, such as Emi being a Unit Summoning Magical Girl who calls forth Blaster Blade to protect her and her friends.

This is all a part of Vanguard Gaiden -If-, set to air in April 2020, which will deal with two characters paired together in strange new combinations.

New artwork for Majesty Lord Blaster

March will be Preconstructed Decks for:

  • Gear Chronicle
  • Royal Paladin
  • Neo Nectar

April will be an Extra Booster for:

  • Gear Chronicle
  • Royal Paladin
  • Neo Nectar

May will be a Premium Collection for all 24 core clans. There will also be a Special Preconstructed Deck for Royal Paladin.

June will be a Booster Pack for:

  • Oracle Think Tank
  • Kagero
  • Dimension Police
  • Link Joker

July will be a Booster Pack for:

  • Murakumo
  • Pale Moon
  • Dark Irregulars
  • Granblue

The Trial Decks for March 27th will be “Altmile”, “Chronojet” and “Ahsha”

April 10th will be “The Next Stage”, a Extra Booster focused around the upgraded aces of the G era protaganists!

Vanguard will be adding a new mechanic called “Order Cards”.

They’re cards that can be used once a turn, and they’re sent to the Drop Zone after being used.

There are two kinds of Order Cards, “Normal Order” which plays during your turn, and “Blitz Order”, which plays when you play certain cards.

Orders are meant to simulate things like Strategies, Magic Spells, and Items


V-PR/0290 Quick Shield
Grade 0 / Blitz Order
During this battle, your attacked Unit gains Power+5000!
(Card Type: Blitz Order that is used at the same time as a Guardian)
(This card is treated as a card that belongs to every clan)
(This is a Ticket Card, it cannot be placed into your Deck)

For the 10th Anniversary, there will be a collaborative product centered around “BanG Dream!”

There will be a “Monster Strike” x “Cardfight!! Vanguard” crossover card game product in which popular characters from Monster Strike will become cards.

2020 Japanese Vanguard Tournament and Event Schedule

May will be the Big Vanguard Festival 2020 with Aichi, Shin and Chrono as the focus characters.

Premium Collection 2020 will be on pre-release at the Festival for 3300 Yen per Box, and has cards for all 24 core clans (No Etranger or Touken Ranbu support)

Special Deck Set: Majesty Lord Blaster will go on sale at the Festival, and will be 8800 Yen there

It contains a Royal Paladin Pre Constructed Deck with a single Shadow Paladin unit included.

A Special Premium Deck Holder

And Special Sleeves

Exclusive to the Event will be the “Festival Collection” Special Series 05, which has cards for all 24 Clans (No Cray Elemental, No Etranger, No Touken Ranbu)

Included in the pack will be 1 Draw Trigger Sentinel for each Clan

60 Different First Vanguards with new Text

And 48 Other Reprints

That’s a wrap everyone!

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