January 2017 Fighter’s Rule Change Explainations

Keep in mind these only apply to Japan, but Bushiroad has explained their reasonings for limiting these cards.

Seven Seas Apprentice, Nightrunner
(You can only use 1 copy)
(You cannot use this card as your First Vanguard)
Decks where this card is the center of the Deck were heavily used in the WGP2016, such that everyone on teams across Japan were using them in the Tournament Finals, and the usage rate of the top 4 teams who advanced to the finals was very abnormal: 100%. This card (at 4 copies), repeatedly has its effect used in Low Grade centric Decks, and as such it’s been judged to have an incredibly huge impact on the metagame, so for the meantime we will prevent its use as a First Vanguard as well as limit the number of copies that can be used.

Sanctuary Guard Dragon
(You can only use 1 copy)
This card, in a deck alongside “Holy Dragon, Sanctuary Guard Regalia”, has been part of a Deck that for a while has had a high win ratio, resulting in the strategy of 《Royal Paladin》 Decks being roughly the same among all Decks, so we judged it as having too much of an influence on the metagame. We also considered limiting “Holy Dragon, Sanctuary Guard Regalia”, but due to the nature of G Units and since its effect would be barely effect by limiting it, for the sake of reducing the stability, speed and effectiveness of this Deck, we’ve decided to reduce the number of copies of “Sanctuary Guard Dragon” that can be used.

Steam Battler, Ur-Watar
(You can only use 1 copy)
In the current metagame (including WGP2016), 《Gear Chronicle》 was the most used Deck, resulting in us judging it had a huge influence on the metagame. Among them: “Draw 2, choose 1 from your hand, return it to the Deck” is something that heavily improves the stability of the Deck, and by using this ability repeatedly, it’s been judged to excessively prolong Fights, so we’re restricting the number of copies used.

Lizard Soldier, Conroe
(You can use this card as your First Vanguard)
Compared to restrictions in the past, 《Kagero》 was barely seen as WGP2016, so it’s been judged that the metagame impact would be small, so we’ve allowed it to be used as a First Vanguard again.


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