[Weekly News Bits] The One with Everything is Link Joker

Why you love Link Joker, why you were born Link Joker.

Mark Ishii wearing a Noa style Hat.

Fighter’s Climax 2017 Sapporo
■ Gear Chronicle (15.3%)
■ Shadow Paladin (11.1%)
■ Dark Irregulars (8.3%)
■ Granblue (8.3%)
■ Genesis (6.9%)
■ Bermuda Triangle (6.9%)
■ Kagero (5.6%)
■ Aqua Force (5.6%)
■ Narukami (5.6%)
■ Nova Grappler (4.2%)
■ Royal Paladin (4.2%)
■ Touken Ranbu (4.2%)
■ Other (13.9%)

Top 16 Clans for Sapporo

2 Genesis
2 Gear Chronicle
1 Royal Paladin
1 Oracle Think Tank
1 Shadow Paladin
1 Kagero
1 Nubatama
1 Narukami
1 Nova Grappler
1 Dark Irregulars
1 Spike Brothers
1 Granblue
1 Aqua Force
1 Touken Ranbu

Top 4:

1st Place: Gear Chronicle
2nd Place: Gear Chronicle
3rd Place: Kagero
4th Place: Granblue

Fighter’s Climax Winner’s Deck

TryThree Fight at Sapporo

Oracle Think Tank Deck

Gear Chronicle Deck

Granblue Deck

Vangarou will be at the Osaka Vanguard Festival

Stand Up Z Vanguard: The cursed Stand Up that is the end of your life in this world.

Major Screen Caps from Turn 2 of Z

November Shop Fighter Participants get a Vanguard G Z Pack volume 1 and Chronojet Dragon G (Anime Art)

Winners get Tidal Assault

Chronojet Dragon G on hand

Mark Ishii’s Messiah centric Link Joker Deck

Genesis Dragon, Harmonics Neo Messiah

Doctor O’s Deletor centric Link Joker Deck

Deliberate Deletor, Ahodayen

Foil Cards from Rondeau.

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