[COTD] [G-CB07] More Chouchou Support

More Chouchou support and one of them helps out with resource problems.

G-CB07/035 C Chouchou ヴェルヌ Chouchou, Verne
Grade 3 / Normal Unit / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Power 1100
AUTO (VC) [Counter Blast 1 & Choose a card from your hand or choose one of your rear-guards and put it on the bottom of your deck] When your G unit stride, you may pay the cost. If you do, look at the top two cards of your deck, call up to two cards with “Chouchou” in their card names to separate (RC), and shuffle your deck.
AUTO Generation Break 2 When this card is put into your deck from (RC), choose one of your units and it gets Power+5000 until the end of the turn.

G-CB07/048 C Chouchou ロベルタ Chouchou, Roberta
Grade 0 / Trigger Unit / Magallanica – Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid
Power 4000
Shield 10000
ACT (RC) [Put this unit into your soul] Counter Charge 1.

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