[COTD] [V-EB10] Fruiting Wheat Maiden, Enifa

A different kind of Maiden comes to bless our plant tokens.

V-EB10/031 R 出穂の乙女 エニファ Fruiting Wheat Maiden, Enifa
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Zoo – Neo Nectar – Bioroid
Power 8000
Shield 10000
[CONT](RC/GC):Your plant tokens in the same column as this unit or on (GC) cannot be chosen the opponent’s card effects, and get [Power]+5000/[Shield]+5000.

The 2 SSRs and 4 IGRs from V-BT07 Infinideity Cradle.

  • Giant Deity of Distant World, Valkerion
  • Astral Plane
  • Shinemon Nitta Force 1 Marker
  • Tatsuya Tachibana Protect 1 Marker
  • Rive Shindou Accel 2 Marker
  • Mark Whiting Protect 2 Marker

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