[G-BT11] Amon’s Follower, Odious Thunder

In a continuing move, Bushiroad has revealed a new card in their weekly column. This time, an Amon support card.

G-BT11/085 C アモンの眷族 オディオス・サンダー Amon’s Follower, Odious Thunder
“アモンの魂は、鎧をつんざく轟雷を招き寄せる。(The soul of Amon, calls for a deafening thunder that can break even armor.)”
Power 9000
Shield 5000
AUTO: When this card is placed on (RC), Soul Charge 1 Card, and if the card you Soul Charge is an “Amon” card, during that turn, you can have this card lose 4000 Power. If you do, Soul Charge 1 card, and for every 5 cards in your Soul, during that turn, this Unit gains Power+5000.


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