[Weekly News Bits Z] The One with Blaster Blade

Along with some early info on V-EB02.

“Oy, where’s your ticket already, go get it.”

Reminder there’s a large number of events such as:

  • The Generation Master Cup
  • Vanguard Queen Finals (Registration Ends on the 27th)
  • Fighter’s Road 2018 (Registration Ends on the 27th)
  • Bermuda Triangle Festival (Registration Ends on the 27th)
  • Friendly Fighters
  • Rental Deck Fight Corner
  • Time Leap 2012 Fight
  • Clan Leader Fight
  • Friend Trio Fight

Kazuma, Chrono and Henri’s VAs will be in attendance as guests on the 29th and at the Generation Master Cup.

Stage Events

Various Goods will be on sale (including pre-sale for the new Start Decks of Vanguard and the seeming final set of the Gao era in Buddyfight)

Complete the Z Quest at the convention to meet a secret character, Gastielle.

Treasure Campaign gets you the Blaster Blade/Dragonic Overlord colored sleeves.

Various Vendors will be in attendance at the event, such as

  • Amenity Dream
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Card Kingdom
  • Hobby Station

Lawson Collaboration with Bushiroad. Buy Fried Chicken there on the dates of the event to get a card of Aichi and Gao commemorating the event.

Parts of the convention will be streamed.

G Next Overview.

G Z Overview.

Blaster Blade
Size 2 / Normal Unit / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Human
Power 10000
Shield 5000
CONT (VC): If you have 4 or more Rear-guards, this Unit gains Critical+1
AUTO (VC/RC): When placed on the field, by paying the COST (Counter Blast 1 & Soul Blast 1) Choose of your opponent’s front row Rear-guards and Retire it.

8 Special Cards will be included in a Special Pack Campaign, you can get 2 of them per one of these special packs.

The Third Trial Deck is “Souryuu Leion”, on sale in Japan on July 20th, 2018.

It’ll be Aqua Force focused

Aqua Force is an Accel Clan

It contains 50 CardsĀ  (14 different cards) plus 3 Gift Markers.

Cover Card is “Marine General of the Restless Tides, Algos” (4 copies included). Deck also comes with 4 Front Triggers.

Extra Booster V-EB02 Asia Circuit no Hasha (Asia Circuit Champions)

Release Date: July 20th,2 2018


58 Different Cards

3 VR
8 RR
13 R
28 C

3 OR


  • Aqua Force
  • Granblue
  • Dimension Police

Set’s focuses:

Aqua Force, themed on Leon, it’s an Accel Clan with the headliner being “Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom”

Granblue, themed on Gouki, it’s a Protect Clan with the headliner being “King of Demonic Seas, Basskirk”

Dimension Police, themed on Kenji, it’s a Force Clan with the headliner being “Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha”.

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