[Weekly News Bits] The One with Detonix Drill Dragon

The centerpieces of Naoki’s Narukami strategy are revealed, and the identities of the major cards from Vilest! Deletor are announced properly.

Dragonic Deathscythe
Demonic Dragon, Magatsu Gale

Flame Wind Lion, Wonder Ezel
Swordsman of the Blaze, Palamedes
Stellar Magus

Primary Melody has 45 different cards confirmed

Tokyo Fighter’s Climax 2018 Results

Neo Nectar

4 White Lily Musketeer, Cecilia
4 Exploding Tomato
1 Maiden of Trailing Rose

4 Pansy Musketeer, Sylvia
4 Sunlight Garden’s Guide
4 Spiritual Tree Sage, Irminsul

4 Fruits Basket Elf
4 Dandelion Musketeer, Mirkka
4 Lily of the Valley Musketeer, Rebecca

1 Broccolini Musketeer, Kirah (Start)
4 Night Queen Musketeer, Daniel (Critical Trigger)
4 Chestnut Bullet (Critical Trigger)
4 Maiden of Blossom Rain (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
4 Watering Elf (Heal Trigger)

Oracle Think Tank

4 Imperial Daughter
4 CEO Amaterasu
3 Victorious Deer

4 Yellow Witch, MeMe
4 Promise Daughter
2 Battle Sister, Torte

4 Farfalle Magus
4 Circle Magus
2 Luck Bird
2 Goddess of Tide of Times, Mizunohame

1 Whiteness Rabbit (Start)
4 Oracle Guardian, Nike (Critical Trigger)
4 Psychic Bird (Critical Trigger)
4 Weather Forecaster, Miss Mist (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
4 Sphere Magus (Heal Trigger)

Angel Feather

4 Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel
4 Crimson Impact, Metatron
3 Mobile Hospital, Feather Palace

4 Wild Shot Celestial, Raguel
4 Rear Impetus Celestial, Armaiti
3 Million Ray Pegasus

3 Thousand Ray Pegasus
4 Underlay Celestial, Hesediel
4 Marking Celestial, Arabhaki

1 First Aid Celestial, Peniel (Start)
4 Critical Hit Angel (Critical Trigger)
3 Hot Shot Celestial, Samyaza (Critical Trigger)
4 Battle Cupid, Nociel (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
1 Bouquet Toss Messenger (Draw Trigger)
4 Sunny Smile Angel (Heal Trigger)

Dark Irregulars

4 One who Hunts Souls, Balaam
4 One who Splits Darkness, Bledermaus
1 Great Demon, Soulless Demagogue
1 Zeroth Dragon of End of the World, Dust
1 Air Element, Sebreeze
2 False Dark Wings, Agrat bat Mahlat (G Guardian)
2 Medical Studies of Extinction, Vincent (G Guardian)
1 Accumulated Attachment, Druj Nasu (G Guardian)

4 No Life King, Death Anchor (V Series)
1 Demon Eater (V Series)
2 Nine-break Hustler

3 Gwynn the Reaper (V Series)
4 Blood Sacrifice, Ruthven (V Series)
4 Tragic Claw

2 Prisoner Beast (V Series)
1 Werwolf Freiwilliger
4 Vroukalakas (V Series)
4 Wertiger Jaeger

1 Deranged Singular (Start)
4 Enigmatic Assassin
4 Blitzritter (V Series) (Critical Trigger)
4 March Rabbit of Nightmareland (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
4 Monochrome of Nightmareland (Stand Trigger)
4 Cursed Doctor (Heal Trigger)

Angel Feather

2 Fanatic Seraph, Gavrail Eden
2 Black Seraph, Gavrail
2 Holy Seraph, Raphael
1 Zeroth Dragon of Inferno, Drachma
1 Zeroth Dragon of Destroy Star, Stark
1 Zeroth Dragon of Zenith Peak, Ultima
1 Zeroth Dragon of End of the World, Dust
1 Zeroth Dragon of Distant Sea, Megiddo
3 Holy Seraph, Suriel (G Guardian)
1 Holy Seraph, Parashel (G Guardian)
1 Black Seraph, Eleleth (G Guardian)

4 Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel (V Series)
4 Crimson Impact, Metatron (V Series)

3 Love Machine Gun, Nociel
4 Candle Celestial, Sariel
4 Black Dream, Zabaniya

4 Black Call, Nakir
2 Black Prepare, Arakiba (Perfect Guard)
4 Doctoroid Circadian
2 Battle Cupid, Nociel (Original)
2 Underlay Celestial, Hesediel (V Series)

1 Neon Gyze (Start)
3 Hot Shot Celestial, Samyaza (Critical Trigger)
4 Fever Therapy Nurse (Draw Trigger)
2 Battle Cupid, Nociel (V Series) (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
2 Hospital Diet Angel (Draw Trigger)
1 Doctoroid Refros (Stand Trigger)
4 Sunny Smile Angel (V Series) (Heal Trigger)

Shadow Paladin

4 Dragabyss, Luard
2 Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo”
1 Draganger, Ogma
1 Dragstrider, Luard
1 Dark Knight, Irgahn Vert
1 Zeroth Dragon of Zenith Peak, Ultima
1 Air Element, Sebreeze
2 Dark Dragon, Plotmaker Dragon (G Guardian)
1 Dark Dragon, Darkveil Dragon (G Guardian)
1 Dragwiser, Bronach (G Guardian)
1 Witch Queen of Iniquity, Jeliddo (G Guardian)

4 Dragfall, Luard

3 Slaptail Dragon
4 Dragfencer, Dagda
4 Blaster Dark (V Series)

4 Dragsaver, Esras (Perfect Guard)
4 Blaster Javelin (V Series)
2 Black Sage, Charon (V Series)
2 Draglancer, Daellad
1 Abyssal Owl
1 Nightmare Painter (V Series)
4 Dragwizard, Fuamnach

1 Dragwizard, Vicreau (Start)
4 Darkside Trumpeter (V Series) (Critical Trigger)
4 Cursed Eye Raven (Stand Trigger)
4 Mage of the Rogue Eye, Arsur (Stand Trigger)
4 Abyss Healer (Heal Trigger)

Nagoya Report

Nagoya Results


4 Oracle Queen, Himiko
4 Goddess of Milky Way, Pleione

4 Battle Maiden, Shitateruhime
4 Battle Maiden, Sahohime
4 Starlight Strong Bow, Ulysses

4 Witch of Cats, Cumin
4 Battle Maiden, Mihikarihime
2 Blue Sky Runner, Achilles
3 Witch of Frogs, Melissa

1 Aiming for the Stars, Artemis (Start)
4 Battle Maiden, Kukurihime (Critical Trigger)
3 Cyber Tiger (Critical Trigger)
4 Goddess of Self-sacrifice, Kushinada (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
1 Talisman Angel (Draw Trigger)
4 Witch of Big Pots, Laurier (Heal Trigger)

Gear Chronicle

4 Interdimensional Dragon, Mystery-flare Dragon
2 Interdimensional Dragon, Idealize Dragon

4 Interdimensional Dragon Knight, Lost Legend

4 Lost Break Dragon
4 Steam Mechanic, Nabu
3 Steam Hunter, Lipit
1 Steam Fighter, Aanne

4 Wedgemove Dragon
4 Promptly Worker
3 Steam Fighter, Memenne

1 Primordial Dracokid (Start)
3 Steam Bomber, Jigul (Critical Trigger)
4 Phosphorus Worker (Critical Trigger)
4 Steam Guard, Kashtelia (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
1 Chirping Worker (Draw Trigger)
4 Steam Doctor, Maltash (Heal Trigger)

Dimensional Police

4 Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha
4 Super Dimensional Robo, Daiyusha
4 Miracle Beauty

4 Dimensional Robo, Daidragon
2 Mad Scepter X
3 Miracle Dandy

4 Dimensional Robo, Daibrave
2 Commander Laurel
2 Dimensional Robo, Dailander
4 Miracle Fairy, Larabi

1 Dimensional Robo, Goyusha (Start)
2 Dimensional Robo, Daibattles (Critical Trigger)
4 Justice Cobalt (Critical Trigger)
4 Diamond Ace (Draw Trigger/Perfect Guard)
2 Army Penguin (Draw Trigger)
4 Dimensional Robo, Gorescue (Heal Trigger)

Royal Paladin

2 Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile
2 Holy Divine Knight, Gancelot Peace Saver
2 Divine Knight King, Alfred Holy Saver
1 Zeroth Dragon of Zenith Peak, Ultima
2 Transmigratory Dragon, Holy Squire Dragon
1 Holy Dragon, Legit Sword Dragon
1 Blazing Sword, Fides
2 Little Great Sage, Marron (G Guardian)
1 Dark Element, Dizmel (G Guardian)
1 Holy Beast, Divine Maskkgal (G Guardian)
1 Air Element, Ractome (G Guardian)

4 Alfred Early (V Series)
3 King of Knights, Alfred (V Series)

4 Blaster Blade (V Series)
4 Heat Element, Bobo
4 Swordsman of Light, Blaster Javelin Larousse
1 Undulatory Sage, Tarna

2 Defending Seeker, Shiron (Perfect Guard)
2 Maiden of Divine Spring, Lien (Perfect Guard)
3 Paccgal
4 Laurel Knight, Sicilus
2 Little Tactician, Marron

1 Guidepost Sage, Elron (Start)
4 Floral Paladin, Flogal (Critical Trigger)
4 Bringer of Good Luck, Epona (V Series) (Critical Trigger)
4 Flogal (V Series) (Critical Trigger)
2 Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine (V Series) (Heal Trigger)
2 Remedy Angel (Heal Trigger)

Bermuda Triangle

1 Chouchou Popular Favor, Tirua
3 Frontier Star, Coral
4 Arcadia Star, Coral
1 Air Element, Sebreeze
1 Blessed Sparkle, Sandy (G Guardian)
1 Hand in Hand, Leona (G Guardian)
4 Luxury Wave, Elly (G Guardian)
1 Highest Society, Citron (G Guardian)

4 Aurora Star, Coral
4 Spirited Star, Trois
1 Top Idol, Riviere

4 Shiny Star, Coral
4 Light Blue Heartbeat, Myrtoa
3 Attractive Glow, Sandy
3 Admired Sparkle, Spica

4 Fresh Star, Coral
3 Transcend Idol, Aqua (Perfect Guard)
2 Admire Successor, Lyrica
1 Talent of Perseverance, Shandee

1 Angelic Star, Coral (Start)
4 Little Pride, Honoka (Critical Trigger)
4 Dreamer Dreamer, Kruk (Stand Trigger)
4 Dancing Designer, Lauren (Stand Trigger)
4 Chouchou, Milena (Heal Trigger)

Next event will be Kanazawa with Shin and Ichirou’s voice actors in attendance as guests.

Some of the Bushiroad Creative Store in Shibuya Maru (Floor 7)

It’s Ren’s Birthday on the 12th of December

Screen Shots from Episode 29

Episode 30 “My Idol”

After Naoki joins the Cardfight Club, others continue to try to join the Cardfight Club. However, Naoki seems to be plagued with various misfortunes. But in truth, they’re being caused by club applicant hopeful, Shingo.

Morikawa and friends in High School Clothes

Shingo’s casual look and his younger brother.

Vanguard Deck Intro Corner: Genesis

Vanguard Deck Intro Corner: Gear Chronicle

Vanguard Deck Intro Corner: Great Nature

Next Intro will be Decks from Cardfight Club (V-BT03)

Demolition Dragon
Grade 1 / Normal Unit / Dragon Empire – Narukami – Thunder Dragon
Power 8000
Shield 10000
[CONT] If there are no rear-guards in your opponent’s front row, this unit gets power+3000.
[AUTO][V] When its attack hits a vanguard, draw 1 card.

Detonix Stinger Dragon
Grade 3 / Normal Unit – Gift: Accel / Dragon Empire – Narukami – Thunder Dragon
Power 12000
[AUTO][V/R] When placed, [Cost][Counter-Blast 1], choose a rear-guard in your opponent’s front row, bind it, and this unit get power +5000 until end of turn.
[AUTO]When rode upon, call this card to R, and one of your vanguards gets power +10000 until end of turn.

Detonix Drill Dragon
Grade 3 / Normal Unit – Gift: Accel / Dragon Empire – Narukami – Thunder Dragon
Power 12000
[AUTO][V][1/ turn]When it attacks a vanguard, [Counter-Blast 1], choose a rear-guard in your opponent’s front row, Bind it. Then, [Cost] [discard the same number of cards from your hand as the number of your opponent’s rear-guards], at the end of that battle, stand it, until end of turn, this unit gets power +5000/drive -1.

Image Ride Rare

The set will contain a version of Ezel drawn by Akira Itou-sensei, depicting Kourin riding Ezel.

By handing in certain tickets very rarely enclosed in packs, you can get special Rubber Playmats.

  • Key and Bedivere
  • The Miyaji Cardfight Club
  • Misaki & Pentagonal Magus

Goods related to the Ibuki Kouji Starter Deck

Sleeves of “Ibuki Kouji” and “Docking Deletor, Greion” (740 Yen)
Deck Holder Collection V2 (800 Yen) “Docking Deletor, Greion”

Card Sleeve Minis for “V Booster Set 04: Vilest! Deletor” (740 Yen)

  • “Waving Deletor, Greidhol”
  • “Gust Blaster Dragon”
  • “King of Masks, Dantarian”
  • “Gun Salute Dragon, End of Stage”
  • “Dueling Dragon King, ZANGEKI”
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