Ultimate Stride

In which we go further shill than usual. (Also this is somewhat ad libbed from the official page)

In the Booster Pack “Ultimate Stride”, a new Stride appears that surpasses Stride as you know it, “Ultimate Stride”!

So just what is Ultimate Stride?
It’s conceptually a “Stride beyond Stride”, allowing you to summon cards called the “Zeroth Dragons” that are the ultimate weapons of calamity created by Gyze, the Draon Deity of Destruction.

So just how you do you Ultimate Stride?
You need to have 3 or more face-up cards in your G Zone, and then you need to discard a card from your hand that shares the same name as your Vanguard, to “Ultimate Stride”! But. There’s a backlash for calling such powerful cards:

When your Ultimate Stride returns to the G Zone, all cards in your G Zone flip face-up, and are then are removed from game play.

And now for an example of an “Ultimate Stride”:

“Zeroth Dragon of Distant Sea, Megiddo”
Grade 4 / G Unit / Magallanica – Zeroth Dragon
Power 25000+
[Ultimate Stride] (Releases when there’s 3 or more face-up cards in your G Zone! When it returns to G Zone, your G Zone is removed from play!) – Stride Step – [Choose 1 card with the same name as your Vanguard, Discard it] [Stride] this face-down card onto (VC).
AUTO: [Counter Blast 2] When this card is placed on (VC), you can pay the cost. If you pay it, choose up to a total of 5 cards from your hand and Drop Zone, Call them to separate (RC), and during that turn, they ain Power+5000 and “AUTO (RC): When a battle in which this Unit attacks Ends, choose 1 of you othe Rear-guards, you can exchange locations with it.”.

An FAQ about Ultimate Stride

Q. What is 【Ultimate Stride】?

A. If there are 3 or more face-up cards in the G Zone, you can choose 1 card with the same name as your Vanguard, and discard it, to call forth a face-down card in your G Zone that has 【Ultimate Stride】, 【Ultimate Strid】ing it onto the (VC) via 【Stride】. Also, when a card that’s been 【Ultimate Stride】d returns to the G Zone, all cards in your G Zone, including 〈Zeroth Dragon〉 cards, are removed from play.

Q. Are 【Ultimate Stride】 and 【Stride】 different actions?

A. Yes, 【Ultimate Stride】 and 【Stride】 are different actions. However, however, the result causes a “To Stride”, so for Grade 3 Vanguards, you can activate their Auto abilities that require “When you have Strided” cnditions.

Q. Can you use “You can 【Stride】 without paying the cost of your next 【Stride】.” abilities that cards like “Dragheart, Luard” have, when you would 【Ultimate Stride】?

A. No, you cannot activate them. For the purposes of Fighter actions, 【Ultimate Stride】 and 【Stride】. Thus, you cannot override the cost of 【Ultimate Stride】 with abilities that change the cost of 【Stride】.

Q. Do you place G Units with 【Ultimate Stride】 in the G Zone before a fight, just like G Units and G Guardians?

A. Yes. it’s one of the 16 cards in the G Deck.

Q. How many copies of a G Unit with 【Ultimate Stride】 can you add to your Deck?

A. There’s technically no limit to the number of copies you can place in your G Deck of 16 cards. However it does follow the “4 or less copies of cards with the same card name” Rule of Deck Construction.

Q. Are cards removed from play by 【Ultimate Stride】 placed in the Bind Zone? Can I return them to the G Zone with some effect?

A. Cards removed from play are placed in the Exclusion Game. During the game, place the cards such that you and your opponent can identify it as the Exclusion Zone. Also, the Exclusion Zone is a different location than the Bind Zone, and effects related to the Bind Zone don’t apply to it.

Q. Are all cards in the G Zone removed from play regardless of being face-up and face-down?

A. Yes, all cards in the G Zone are removed from play regardless of whether they’re face-up or face-down.

Q. If 【Ultimate Stride】 removes from play face-down cards in the G Zone, are they removed from play face-up?

A. Yes, face-down ards are removed from play face-up.

Q. Are cards in the Exclusion Zone public knowledge?

A. Yes, they’re considered to be cards that are public knowledge. The opposing Fighter is allowed to check cards in the Exclusion Zone.

Q. Okay, a G Unit with 【Ultimate Stride】 returns face-up to the G Zone during a time other than during the End Phase. In that case, are cards in the G Zone removed from play?

A. Yes, all cards in the G Zone are removed from play.

Q. With regards to requirements of “Having a Vanguard of 《(Clan)》”, would it be correct to assume that 〈Zeroth Dragon〉s are counted as members of the 《(Clan)》s of their nation?

A. Yes, it satisfies it. 〈Zeroth Dragon〉s are treated as belonging to every clan of the Nation they belong to. For example, Rear-guards with “Lord” can still attack.

Q. Let’s say there’s the case where the only card on your field is a G Unit with 【Ultimate Stride】, and you reveal a Trigger Unit via Drive Check. During that time, I technically have no Vanguard or Rearguard with a Clan in common with that Trigger Unit. Can you activate the Trigger’s effect?

A. Yes, you can activate it. A 〈Zeroth Dragon〉 is for all intents and purposes treated as belonging to all Clans of a Nation, meaning it satisfies the conditions for activating a Trigger.

Q. I have a card in my hand who has an originally different card name, but by one effect or another it’s treated as sharing the same name as my Vanguard, can I, in that case perform an 【Ultimate Stride】 using that card as the cost?

A. Yes, you can 【Ultimate Stride】. Even if it’s treated as having the same name as the Vanguard, it has the same name as the Vanguard, thus if you have the right number of face-up cards in your G Zone, you ca perform 【Ultimate Stride】.

Q. If “Seeker, Thing Saver Dragon” is in Legion with “Blaster Blade Seeker”, can I perform an 【Ultimate Stride】 using “Blaster Blade Seeker” for the cost of Stride?

A. Yes, you can 【Ultimate Stride】.

Q. The cards removed from play by 【Ultimate Stride】, is this the same kind of removed from play that you do with cards via the G Assist Step?

A. Yes, it’s considered to be the same thing.


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