Product Descriptions for Bermuda Trial Deck and Booster

Are you ready for a swimsuit filled summer of magic, dreams and idols who make your heart melt?

VG-G-TD14 Trial Deck: Debut of Divas

The first Trial Deck of the ultra popular clan 《Bermuda Triangle》 and its pretty mermaids makes its debut! A new theme makes its debut that you can make a super strong Deck of using cards from this Trial Deck and the Clan Booster “Divas of the Rainbow” that goes on sale at the same time. This Trial Deck contains multiple cards you’ll need for making a proper Deck!

Randomly SP Cards are included with different illustrations! They’re swim-suit arts!

With this Trial Deck, you can make your Bermuda Triangle Debut!

The first Bermuda Triangle Trial Deck appears! This Trial Deck contains many useful and indispensible cards such as your Deck’s vital Grade 3, G Unit and G Guardian!

The new theme “Chouchou” make their Debut!

With this product and the clan booster “Divas of the Rainbow” (which goes on sale the same day), you can build a “Chouchou” Deck! You’ll be fine even if you don’t have any Bermuda Triangle cards already!

Included are SP Cards with different illustrations!

Get your hands on these SP Cards with Swimsuit Illustrations ❤

Trial Decks have been powered up! It’s even easier to complete your Deck to begin with!
• 2 copies of 1 “G Guardian”
• The Ace Unit is included along with powerful Units for each Grade!
• SP Cards are randomly included

Product Description:
Included Clan: Bermuda Triangle

19 Different Cards, 54 Cards in Total (Deck includes 19 new cards, 50 main Deck Cards, and 2 different G Units) 4 cards of 4 different kinds are included in RRR foiling

Set Contents:
• Playmat (A Deck Guide is on the other side)
• Clan Card
• First Guide

Suggested Retail price:
1300 Yen + Tax

Release Date:
July 7th, 2017

Also recommended in tandem with this product are “Academy of Divas” and “Blessing of Divas”.

VG-G-CB05 Clan Booster 5: “Divas of the Rainbow”

This year’s 《Bermuda Triangle》 Clan Booster also appears!

Sorry to keep you waiting! The art of these adorable mermaids are popular! And theis year’s pack containing only 《Bermuda Triangle》 cards appears! And besides the appearance of a new theme this time around, popular singers reappear in new ways!

And, with the SP Cards, they change clothes: Into swimsuits! As well, the highly popular SP Clan Packs are also occasionally included!

With this product and the Trial Deck “Debut of Divas” (which goes on sale the same day), you can build a Deck around the powerful new theme, “Chouchou” Deck! Even if this is your Bermuda Triangle Debut, you’ll be right as rain!

Popular Divas Also Return, In New Looks And Styles!

SP Cards Are Swimsuit Illustrations!

All 16 Different SP Cards Are Swimsuit Illustrations

The Super Popular! SP Clan Packs Appear!

Pick Up All 7, Each Themed Around A Major Diva or Theme.

• “Chouchou”
• “Pacifica”
• “Riviere”
• “Lauris”
• “Raindear”
• “Coral”
• “Duo” ※
※ “Duo” comes in White Version and Black Version SP Clan Packs

Bushiroad 10 Year Anniversary Campaign

Each Carton of this product comes with 1 special rubber playmat!

Product Details

Included Clan: Bermuda Triangle

Card Configurations
• 60 Different Cards
• 57 New Cards
• 2 Generation Rares
• 7 Triple Rares
• 10 Double Rares
• 18 Rares
• 23 Commons
• 16 Different SP Cards (16 Different Parallel Cards)
• 3 Special Reprints
• 49 Different SP Cards (Included in SP Clan Packs)

Market Retail Price
300 Yen per Pack of 7 Cards
3600 Yen per 1 Box of 12 Packs

Release Date: July 7th, 2017

“Blessing of Divas” and “Academy of Divas” are recommended products.

As an editorial note:

Chouchou is pretty much the French term for a “Scrunchy”, so the new band is pretty much called the “Hair Bands” or “The Scrunchies”. It should also be noted it’s a term of endearment so “The darlings” might be accurate as well.

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