[Weekly News Bits] The One with the King

… so much shilling. So so much shilling.

Settei (Reference Materials) of “Knight of Heavenly Decree, Altimile” and “Holy Dragon, Luminous Hope Dragon”.

Chrono’s spring outfit for Episodes 26 and onward


“-> Next Generation” sung by Psychic Lover (who sung “Vanguard Fight” and “Break your spell”) is the next Opening theme song for Vanguard G NEXT, on sale April 19th, 2017.

CD will cost 1400 Yen plus tax

Psychic Lover LIVE “The 14th Summer” will be held on June 4th, 2017.

Karaoke Pasela will be doing a Collaboration Menu with Vanguard G (food and drinks themed around Vanguard G)

The Drink Coasters being distributed at Karaoke Pasela.


Official Vanguard G Key Chains

Ultra Big Card Fest Goods:

Big Tin Badges: 800 Yen

Vanguard Clan Icon Pen Case: 1200 Yen

Character Lick TryThree Candy: 1000 Yen

Rummy Labyrinth U20 Charm Keyholder: 800 Yen

Non Chibi TryThree Keychains

RL Picture of the Rummy Labyrinth Keychain

A special gold stamped version of Lizard Soldier, Conroe is being released via the following means at the Vanguard Festival as a participation gift:

  • Fighter’s Road 2017
  • Vanguard Queen Finals
  • TryThree Fight
  • Extreme Fight

Divine King of Knights, Alfred Holy Saber
Grade 4 / United Sanctuary – Royal Paladin – Human
Power 15000+
ACT (VC) 1/Turn GB2: [CB1 & Choose 1 face-down card with the same name as this Unit from your G Zone, flip it face-up & Choose 1 card from your hand, discard it] If you have an “Alfred” or “Blaster” Heart Card, choose 1 of your “Blaster Blade” named Rear-guards, during that turn, it gains Power+3000 and “CONT (RC): During the first time this Unit Battles this turn, this Unit performs Twin-Drive!!”.

Promotion art of the 13th G Trial Deck, “Ruler of the Evil Eye” (on sale June 9th, 2017)

Starting with Ruler of the Evil Eye, the following chainges:

  • There will be 2 copies of a G Guardian
  • Trump Cards are included along with important reprints
  • Randomly inserted FOIL cards
  • Price increases from 1100 Yen to 1300 Yen
  • Starter Sets are being discontinued apparently, and instead Card Sleeves and Deck Holders will be released the same day as the Trial Deck.

Demonic Stealth Dragon, Shiranui “…”
Grade 3 / Dragon Empire – Nubatama – Abyss Dragon
Power 11000
AUTO (VC): When your Ride Phase begins, you can choose 1 card from your opponent’s Drop Zone. If you choe it, your opponent Calls that card to (RC), and when that turn ends, that Unit is Retired.
[Top Secret Ability]

He possesses the new ability “Domination/Govern/Rule/Control” (English name pending), which is Top Secret and will be revealed in the animated series.

Stealth Beast, Katarigitsune is being reprinted with 4 copies and a new illustration

Promotional Art of “Rogue Deity Descent” (on sale June 9th, 2017)

7 Cards per Pack

Royal Paladin
Dark Irregulars
Gear Chronicle
Cray Elemental

Packs will be 300 Yen
7 Cards per Pack
2 or more Rare or higher cards
It’s possible to get multiple RR or higher cards per pack

The cards of the Strongest Enemy “Team Diffrider” are included in “Rogue Deity Descent”!

  • Kazumi Onimaru’s Nubatama Deck
  • Verno Fahrenheart’s Genesis Deck
  • Saori Fuchidaka’s Kagero Deck

The following Decks also get a buff in “Rogue Deity Decent”:

  • Gancelot
  • Scharhrot
  • Mystery Flare

SP Clan Packs for “Rogue Deity Descent” will cover 5 different patterns:

  • Kazumi Onimaru’s Nubatama Deck
  • Verno Fahrenheart’s Genesis Deck
  • Saori Fuchidaka’s Kagero Deck
  • Enishi Satoru’s Dark Irregulars Deck
  • Sendou Aichi’s Royal Paladin Deck

Box Special Item:
10 Card Sleeves

Carton Special Item:
1 Rubber Playmat

(Designs are currently being finalized)

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