[G-TB03] Touken Ranbu Online 3 Announcement!!

Bushiroad just announced the newest iteration of Touken Ranbu Online! Mah Swordboyz!

Release date: 13th of October 2017
7 cards per pack/ 12packs per box/
24 box per carton

Total card types: 46 (46 New)
(GR: 2/ RRR: 6/ RR: 9/ R: 12/ C: 17)
+5 SP + 7 SP (SP clan card)
+ 4 special reprinted

Introduces “Shinken Hissatsu” versions of the Touken Danshi.
Introduces the keyword “一騎打ち”, which rougly translates to “Duels” (maybe Limit Break 5?).

[Editor’s note: And of course gorgeous sparkly cards. :P]


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