Shin’emon Anime Details

A hot-blooded hero vs. A Playboy Model.


Back in May 2018, “Cardfight!! Vanguard” began a new world line based on Akira Itou’s comics.
Now, the latest series based on it is about to start!
Now, the story’s setting moves to the past, centered on the story of Nitta Shin’emon, the new hero.


This is the story of future Card Capital store manager, “Nitta Shin’emon”.

About 10 Years before Aichi and Kai reunited, Shin’emon’s niece, Tokura Misaki, lost her parents in a traffic accident, resulting in “Card Capital”, the card shop run by the Tokuras, to close its doors.

The owner of a major card shop chain, Hibino Esuka, tries to buy up the property. In order to protect Card Capital, Shin’emon stands up to her as the Self-Proclaimed Store Manager!


新田新右衛門 Nitta Shin’emon
Voice Actor: 森嶋秀太

Clan: Genesis

A teenage boy who was a regular at Card Capital. He’s a hot-blooded fighter who never lets anything get him down. But currently he’s fighting to reopen Card Capital which is currently going out of business.

新導ミクル Shindou Mikuru
Voice Actor: 堀江由衣

Rive’s younger sister (by 1 year). She’s a level-headed person who is well acquainted with Card Capital’s regulars. However, she keeps having a stroke at Shin’emon’s mindboggling recklessness.

マーク・ホワイティング Mark Whiting
Voice Actor: 日向大輔
Clan: Nubatama

Shin’emon’s classmate and best friend, who’s fascinated by Japanese History, and a total nerd about the Sengoku period of Japan. However, his Japanese is kinda shaky.

橘タツヤ Tachibana Tatsuya
Voice Actor: 前田誠二

Clan: Angel Feather

A transfer student who’s in Mikuru’s class. A serious and honest boy. He admires Shin’emon, who is his opposite.

新導ライブ Shindou Rive
Voice Actor: 古川慎

Clan: Nova Grappler

Shin’emon’s master of sorts. While he’s a virtuoso among Vanguard Fighters, he’s not exactly the most reliable person.

戸倉ミサキ Tokura Misaki
Voice Actor: 遠野ひかる

Shin’emon’s niece who was the only daughter of the Tokuras who ran Card Capital. Due to certain circumstances, she’s currently in the hospital.

店長代理 Assistacat
Voice Actor: 遠野ひかる

A (former) stray kitten that likes to rest in the jungle that is Shin’emon’s hair. It doesn’t react to anyone unless they call it “Manager”.

日比野エスカ Hibino Esuka
Voice Actor: 渕上舞

Clan: Great Nature

A woman who owns the major card shop chain “Esuka”, she plans to buy up Card Capital. She’s also a former super popular Pin-Up Girl and Bikini Model.

五ノ実ナナミ Gonomi Nanami
Voice Actor: 宮木南美

Clan: Neo Nectar

An S Rank Card Fighter who works at the main branch of “Esuka”. She has top class skills on par with a genius. Also, she heavily admires Esuka.

藤浪トノリ Fujinami Tonori
Voice Actor: 神尾晋一朗

Clan: Gold Paladin

An S Rank Card Fighter who works at the main branch of “Esuka”. He’s typically listless, but he’s actually very skilled at Fights.

羊田連太郎 Hitsujida Rentarou
Voice Actor: 園部啓一

Hibino Esuka’s Butler.

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