[COTD] Vivid Holy Staff, Andragius

Royal Paladin G-Guard tiiiiime
and a small Pale Moon tidbit.

Vivid Holy Staff, Andragius andragius
“There are no cracks in a shield of deep loyalty.”
CONT G: If you have 2 or more Grade 2 rear-guards, this unit gets Shield +10000.

Today’s R&D blurb isn’t particularly interesting, though it does mention that it pairs well with Brave (lots of shield for no extra hand cost), and to remember that since it’s a CONT ability, to watch out when attempting to intercept (so you don’t drop below the 2 Grade 2 requirement).

However, there is a ruling issued on Carnivorous Megatrick, Prana, so here you go.

Q: Does Prana’s [at the end of the turn, put cards back into your soul depending on how many face-up Prana are in your G-Zone] effect include the copy of Prana that returns from the Vanguard Circle to the G-Zone?
A: Yes, it does. If you flipped up a Prana as the cost, at the end of the turn, you will have 2 (or more) Prana face-up in your G-Zone.

Edit from Ark:

Also, the R&D commentary from today.

Steady as a rock! The card introduced today is a 《Royal Paladin》 G Guardian! It’s a really sturday G Guardian that appears in “Absolute Judgement” (on sale August 26th, 2016).

“Vivid Holy Staff, Andragius”, if you have 2 or more Grade 2 Rearguards, has a base shield of 25000! It’s a fairly simple ability, but the power it has is real. If you’re being attacked by a 26000 Power G Unit, with just this card, your opponent will need 2 Triggers. In the case of a 《Royal Paladin》 Deck centered around 【Brave】 (which has 3 or less cards in your hand), this Andragius makes for a reliable guard when you’ll often have few cards in hand.

Also, since this ability is Continuous, keep in mind the Shield vanishes if the conditions in question vanish. Because its Shield can fall if you Intercept after it appears, be careful about how you use it!

“Escort Eagle” can remain in play easily with “Resist”, and if you combine this card with “Techgal” that can appear in the backrow, you’ll easily be able to generate a 25000 Shield. Depending on the situation, it’s good to use alongside “Holy Dragon, Laserguard Dragon”.

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