[Weekly News Bit] The One with AL4 Round Up

Mostly Photos and Deck Lists

Happy Birthday Kai (PriRoll products)

Full color super sized volume of Vanguard Volume 1 goes on sale September 7th, 2018

Vanguard G Stride Generation Volume 4: October 6th, 2018

Mini-Van Volume 7: November 8th, 2018

Vanguard G Stride Generation Volume 4’s Cover Illustration

It also includes the “Vanguard Original G Unit Contest 2017” card “Ravenous Demonic Stealth Beast, Mousth” which comes with a new ability.

Sanrio Designs for Vanguard (Sanrio is behind Hello Kitty)

Grand Prix Akiba 2018

Starts September 1st, 2018

Epside 17 Screenshots

Episode 18 “Kai, Ren and Aichi”

Kai learns Ren visited Card Capital. And thus thinks back to meeting Tetsu and Ren back when he was a part of AL4 in Middle School, and also how meeting Aichi again changed things.

Designs for Ren, Kai and Tetsu for Episode 18’s flashback.

4 Golden Beast Tamer
3 Nightmare Doll, Alice
3 Artilleryman

4 Nitro Juggler
4 Magical Box Treamer
2 Jumping Jill
1 Amaranth Beast Tamer

4 Purple Trapezist
4 Starting Presenter
4 Midnight Bunny

1 Entertain Messenger (First Vanguard)
4 Sky High Walker (Front Trigger)
4 Hoop Magician (Front Trigger)
4 Hades Hypnotist (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Candy Clown (Heal Trigger)

Grade 3 / Normal Unit – Gift: Accel / Dark Zone – Pale Moon – Human
Power 12000
CONT (VC/RC): DUring your turn, for each card in your Soul, this Unit gains Power+3000.
ACT (VC/RC) 1/Turn: COST [Place 2 cards from your hand into this card’s Soul], draw 1 card.
AUTO (VC/RC): When this card’s attack hits, you can Counter Blast 1. If you do not, send all cards in your Soul to the Drop Zone.

4 Phantom Blaster Dragon
2 The Dark Dictator
2 Dark Mage, Badhabh Caar

4 Blaster Dark
4 Darkness Maiden, Macha
3 Tragic Knight, Cathbad

4 Skull Witch, Nemain
4 Black Sage, Charon
4 Blaster Javelin
2 Nightmare Painter

1 Fullbau (First Vanguard)
4 Darkside Trumpeter (Critical Trigger)
4 Death Feather Eagle (Critical Trigger)
4 Dark Shield, Mac Lir (Draw Trigger/Sentinel)
4 Abyss Healer (Heal Trriger)

Phantom Blaster Dragon Questions

Question 1: If 3 of my opponent’s Rear-guards cannot be retired, can I activate its Power+15000/Critical+1 Skill?
Yes, you can, resolve as much as possible.

Question 2: Can I select the same “Promise Daughter” (from V-BT01) three times with this card’s effect for Retiring?
No, you cannot. You cannot choose the same Unit multiple times

Next Deck Corner is of AL4.

Strongest! Team AL4 2 Pack with “Darkside Trumpeter” and “Imaginary Gift: Force”.

30 People who send in 2 Bar Codes of the 2 Pack Sets will get an Original T Shirt as a present of Aichi, Kai or Ren as part of a lottery.


Origin Rare

Imaginary Gifts

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